TV anime ‘My favorite is the villainess,’ 2nd KV & PV, additional cast information released.

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TV anime “My favorite is the villainess. We will start broadcasting on TOKYO MX and others from October 2, 2023. The second critical visual & PV, additional cast, and theme song information have been released.

The second critical visual depicts the main characters watching over Rei and Claire with their magic wands held back to back against the backdrop of the stage, the Royal Academy.

And the cast information of the handsome princes who are the “original capture targets” appearing in the otome game “Revolution” has been released. KENN will play the role of the curious and me-like first prince, Rod Bauer; Namikawa Daisuke will play the part of the mysterious and fantastic second prince, Thane Bauer, and the sweet masked tactician third prince, Yu Bauer. Yoko Hikasa is in charge.

Rod Bauer cv. KENN
First Prince of Bauer Kingdom. He is a curiosity-loving type who likes exciting things and people. He is interested in Rei, a commoner who entered the Royal Academy as the top student. He is proficient in “Fire” attribute magic and has an extraordinary magical power capacity.

Thane-Bauer cv. Daisuke Namikawa
The second prince of the Bauer Kingdom. A mysterious and relaxed guy who doesn’t try to keep people away. In his heart, he has a complex about his two excellent brothers. He is Claire’s dreamer. His magic attribute is “Wind.”

Yu-Bauer cv. Yoko Hikasa
The third prince of the Bauer Kingdom. He has a sweet look and a gentle personality but also a calculating and devious side. She is Misha’s childhood friend and has been close to her since she was a noble. Her magic attribute is “water.”

And in the latest PV, the ban on the voices of additional characters, including new animation cuts, has also been lifted. Princes who are targets of the maiden game “Revolution” also appear. While expectations are rising for the worldview unique to reincarnation in another world and villainess, for Rei, who thinks of Claire, these princes will be rivals in love. This is also a fun video to see how the central theme of this work, “Girls Love,” will be drawn.

And in the PV, the sound source of the opening theme, “Rayjore Hands!! ~Raise Y/Our Hands!!~,” has also been unveiled for the first time. Singed by Yu Serizawa, who plays Rei, and Karin Nanami, who plays Claire, it’s a catchy song with fun dialogues. The ending theme will also be a character song by these two people.

TV animation [My favorite is the villainess. 2nd PV

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