Introducing “PUI PUI Molcar Let’s! Molcar Party!”, Minigames and mol shops

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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has released the third game information of the messy party game “PUI PUI Molcar Let’s! Molecular Party!” For Nintendo Switch, which is scheduled to be released on December 16th.

“PUI PUI Molcar, Let’s! Molecular Party!” Is it a party game based on the stop-motion animation “PUI PUI Molcar”? You can enjoy ten unique mini-games, such as mini-games packed with the world of Moller and mini-games with anime stories as motifs. Up to 4 people can play the mini-game by sharing Joy-Con, but if you want to play with three or more people, you need an optional controller (charged). This time, we will introduce the mini-games “Pui Pui Racing” and “Pui Pui Nawabari Battle,” the mole shop, and some of the more than 40 types of mole cars that appear in this work.

Run, eat, interact, and develop a new town, “Motown”!

One day, Molcars found a leaflet. The words “all-you-can-eat carrots” are there! The Molars came to “Motown” immediately, but there was nothing, let alone carrots! ??

Let’s play a lot and increase the number of things to liven up the town!

Is it possible to develop Moltown together with Molcars and eat carrots safely …! ??

Mini game
Pui Pui Racing

At “Pui Pui Racing,” you can enjoy the incandescent race of Molars. Go around the course and aim for the goal faster than other molars. A lot of gimmicks appear, such as shortcuts on the jump table and getting stuck in pitfalls.

Puipui territory battle

“Pui Pui Nawabari Battle” is a battle between workers. The color of the panel where each molar passed will change, so run around a lot and try to increase your color as much as possible within the time limit.

Other mini-games


You can “Kansas U” Motown. By “Kansas U,” you may see molars moving freely.

Mole shop

You can change clothes with more than 80 kinds of accessories. Let’s fashion by combining your favorite accessories. However, some accessories cannot be attached to some molars.

Photo studio

Let’s take a picture when it’s fashionable. You can customize the background, pose, filters, stamps, etc. and shoot.

Introducing Molar

More than 40 molars appeared in this work. As the city develops, new molars may come to Motown to play. If you find you’re favorite molecular, give it a meal or stroke it to get along.

Treasure Molar

A molar who adventures anywhere in search of golden carrots. It’s usually dirty, but if you wash it, your beautiful hair will flutter.

  • “Head,” “Body Hidari,” “Body Migi,” and “Oshiri” accessories cannot be installed.

Cod roe

Molar is on good terms with DJ Molcar.

  • “Atama” accessories cannot be installed.


A molar that is shy and rarely appears.

Chocolate mint

Molecular that suits summer. It was about to be used to promote toothpaste but was stopped by the driver.


A conceited neo-calico molcar.


Molar is good at sneaking.


The person likes water vegetables better than bananas.


Molar talks to flowers and then eats.

Package version early purchase privilege

The early purchase privilege of the package version is a particular sticker of “PUI PUI Molcar Let’s! Molker Party!”. As the number is limited, it will end as soon as it runs out.

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