Takahiro Sakurai withdraws from the new animation ‘AYAKA -Ayaka’ ‘Cast change due to various circumstances.’

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On the 15th, the production committee of the anime project “AYAKA” posted “Notice about the performers” on the work’s official website, and regarding voice actor Takahiro Sakurai, who was scheduled to appear, “Due to various circumstances, the cast has been changed . I will,” he reported.

On the official website, “We will start an animation project in 2023. In the completely new original animation ‘AYAKA-Ayaka-,’ Kurama Shunju. We inform you that Takahiro Sakurai, who was scheduled to appear in the role, will change the cast due to various circumstances.” He continued, “We apologize from the bottom of our hearts for causing trouble and concern to everyone looking forward to this work and everyone involved.” I will announce it again,” and asked for understanding.

“AYAKA -Ayaka” is an original TV animation created by the collaboration between the writer group GoRA and King Records. It depicts the relationship of partner x teacher and student x rival x brother and the painful yet beautiful bond between men who carry their destinies.

Regarding Sakurai, in October last year, “Bunshun Online” reported an affair with a general woman and apologized on the official website of his agency. Furthermore, in January of this year, a follow-up report such as “The 3rd ex-lover B-ko’s accusation of ’15 years of betrayal’ and ‘faithful emails'” was posted. Regarding this, the management office explained that there was a background that the woman demanded an excessive amount and explained, “We are discussing with our legal counsel.”

The unique program “ABEMA Toriko Festival Cast Large Gathering SP,” distributed on ABEMA on the 12th of this month], was teased by the co-stars and showed a smile. Sakurai played the role of Giyu Tomioka in “Kimetsu no Yaiba,” the role of Natsuyu in “Jujutsu Kaisen,” the role of Avan in “The Great Adventure of Dai,” the role of Tentomon in “Digimon Adventure,” the role of Griffith in “Berserk,” and “Code Geass Rebellion.” A famous voice actor known for functions such as Suzaku in Lelouch and Rohan Kishibe in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable.

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