Is a robot anime boom coming in Reiwa? Three works I would like to see in Super Robotics

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Reiwa robot anime continues to grow.

Due to the influence of “Courage Explosion Burn Brave Burn” and “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM,” many people will likely become more passionate about robot anime since the beginning of 2024. However, robot anime has become quite popular since the beginning of Reiwa. In the future, there will be many works related to popular series, such as the TV anime “Shinkalion Change the World,” which will begin broadcasting in the spring, “Macross,” “Aquarion,” and “Grendizer.”

“Reiwa robot anime” that you would like to see in “Super Robot Wars” Speaking of robot anime, there is a popular series called “Super Robot Wars” (after this, referred to as “Super Robot Wars”), a simulation RPG that brings together many robots works.

The series becomes a hot topic every time a new entry is announced, but other than those for smartphones, there has been no news since “Super Robot Wars 30” was released in October 2021. In the meantime, exciting robot anime is being created. Even if we only pick up anime focusing on battles and count the series as the same, there are over 50.

There’s so much content that I don’t even have time to lament that there aren’t many robot anime these days. Therefore, this time, we will introduce three works from the rich Reiwa robot anime that would be interesting to participate in in “Super Robot Wars.”

“Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” is cited as the most talked-about robot anime of the Reiwa era. When it was released in March 2021 as the final installment of the “Rebuild of Evangelion” series that started in 2007, it attracted a lot of attention for its shocking content and fantastic conclusion to the work of a significant figure in the subculture world. The box office revenue was 100.

It became a hit that exceeded 100 million yen. Up to the third installment of “Evangelion: Rebuild of Evangelion,” they also appeared in the previous “Super Robot Wars” series, so we naturally look forward to their participation in “Shin Evangelion: The Movie.”

However, it doesn’t seem easy to figure out how to handle the final stages of the game as a game. Takanobu Terada, a supervisor in Super Robot Wars, once tweeted on X (formerly Twitter), “I went to the first day of Shin Eva’s release. When I went there, I thought, “I can’t do this in Super Robot Wars.'”

However, one of the highlights of “Super Robot Wars” is how such works are sublimated. Unexpectedly, if you combine it with robot anime that deals with other meta topics, maybe something will happen…?

“Courage Explosion Burn Brayburn” Next is “Courage Explosion Burn Brayburn,” which will lead the robot anime scene in 2024 along with “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM.” Director Masami Obari, the director of the same work, has cooperated with “Super Robotics” in various ways so far, and the work itself also has the aspect of being a “normal robot anime” with power-up events, etc.; you may be able to say “Babaan and recommended!” surprisingly quickly. Regarding this work, I am curious to see how the character of “Braeburn,” the most popular element, will be received by the characters of other works.

How does it interact with robots with egos, such as those in the Brave series, which have a similar atmosphere at first glance, and with Shinn Asuka from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM, whose voice actor is Kenichi Suzumura like Braeburn? I get excited just thinking about how he will be treated in the Super Robotics world and the “mental commands” that “love” will have.

It has been announced that “Courage Explosion Braeburn” will be participating in the smartphone game “Super Robot Wars DD” for a limited time starting mid-April. “Granbelm”

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