Here is a list of theme songs for the ‘Kaiju No. 8’ anime. Famous overseas artists perform both OP and ED!

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Spring 2024 anime “Kaiju Hachigou”. The original work is a boy’s manga of the same name written by Naoya Matsumoto and serialized on the web manga distribution service Shonen Jump+.

The story begins when the main character, Kafka Hibino, admires the Japan Defense Force, which subjugates monsters, and awakens to the power to transform himself into a monster due to a mysterious tiny monster.

“Kaiju No. 8” is unusual for an anime because foreign artists sing both the opening and ending themes. In this article, we summarize information on the theme song and insert the anime song.

What is the synopsis of the anime “Kaiju No. 8”?

Japan is a monster powerhouse that boasts one of the highest incidences of monsters in the world. Kafka Hibino, 32 years old, longed to be part of the Japanese Defense Force, which subjugated monsters, but he gave up on that dream and took a job as a cleaner cleaning up the remains of the Japanese Defense Force after they defeated monsters.

When Kafka learned that the recruiting age for the Defense Force had been raised to 33 due to the declining birthrate, he decided to aim for the Defense Force once again. However, when a mysterious tiny monster enters Kafka’s mouth, Kafka awakens to the power to transform into a beast. He was supposed to be part of a defense force that subjugates monsters, but he ended up being named “Monster No. 8” and being chased by all of Japan.

The anime production company Production IG has worked on “GHOST IN THE SHELL” and “PSYCHO-PASS.” The music for the film is by Yuta Bando, who created the BGM for the drama “Towako Mameda and the Three Ex-husbands” and the animated movie “The Dragon and the Freckled Princess” (co-written).

Anime “Kaiju No. 8” opening theme song “Abyss”

The opening theme song for “Kaiju No. 8” is “Abyss,” sung by British solo artist YUNGBLUD. The theme is Kafka’s conflict when he suddenly turns into a monster, and it is an epic, punk song that resembles movie music.

“Abyss” is a song co-produced with Dan Reynolds, the frontman of the Grammy-winning rock band Imagine Dragons. YUNGBLUD revealed that when he decided to write the opening theme song for Kaiju No. 8, he booked a studio in Tokyo and wrote the song while reading the story.

Regarding the opening song, “Abyss,” YUNGBLUD commented, “It’s a new challenge for me as well, and I think it’s a song that complements the atmosphere and feeling of this work.” Regarding the anime “Kaiju No. 8”, he said, “I’m honored to be able to provide the song this time. I’m happy I was able to participate.” “I’m also looking forward to the anime and can’t wait for it to start airing. I’ve watched a few videos. But it’s incredible, and I hope you all enjoy it too. Crazy things are about to happen. Are you ready?”

Who is YUNGBLUD, the singer of the opening theme song?

YUNGBLUD is a singer from England. Born on August 5, 1997, his real name is Dominic Richard Harrison. The albums he has released have reached number one on the UK charts twice. He is such a famous artist that his world tour across Europe and America announced in 2019 sold out all 52 performances.

He is one of Britain’s next-generation rock stars, and his songs created in collaboration with artists across genres, such as Marshmello and Avril Lavigne, have also attracted much attention.

In 2022, he will come to Japan for the first time to perform at the rock festival “Summer Sonic.” In 2023, he held his first solo performance in Japan. In a 2023 interview, she revealed she is considering collaborating with the Japanese female group BABYMETAL.

Anime “Kaiju No. 8” ending theme song “Nobody”

The ending theme song for Kaiju No. 8 is “Nobody” by American rock band OneRepublic. This pop song is pleasant to the ear and reminiscent of the comical scenes in the movie.

Vocalist Ryan Tedder loves Japan and says he gets a lot of inspiration from Japanese anime, manga, and culture. From around the spring of 2023, he had meetings with the “Kaiju No. 8” team, analyzed the work and characters from the footage and storyboards, and thought about what kind of sound was needed. “Nobody” also drew inspiration from Japan. He says it’s a song that incorporates as much as possible.

Regarding being in charge of the ending of Kaiju No. 8, Ryan Tedder said, “Ever since I was a child, I’ve been obsessed with superheroes, and I still want to be as strong as Kafka, so I decided to work on Kaiju No. 8. I’m very excited to be involved.”

Who is the singer of the ending theme song, OneRepublic?

OneRepublic is a six-piece pop-rock band formed in 2002. In 2007, the song “Apologize” from her debut album was nominated for a Grammy Award, establishing her status as a famous artist.

The 2013 “Counting Stars” music video has exceeded 3.9 billion views on YouTube. In 2022, she became a hot topic when she sang the insert song “I Ain’t Worried” in the movie Top Gun: Maverick.

Vocalist Ryan Tedder has written and produced lyrics for various artists, including Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Ariana Grande.

Is there an insert song?

As of March 2024, before the anime airs, information on the insert song has yet to be announced. In the case of typical anime works, the artist who sang the opening and ending songs may also sing the insert songs, or the voice actors who appear in the work may sing the insert songs.

However, in the anime Kaiju No. 8, both the opening and ending songs are rarely performed by foreign artists, so even if an insert song were to be played in the movie, a foreign singer or band could perform it.

Summary of anime “Kaiju No. 8” theme songs

The anime “Kaiju No. 8” uses songs by foreign musicians for both the opening and ending.

The opening theme song is “Abyss” by British singer YUNGBLUD. Dan Reynolds of the Grammy Award-winning rock band Imagine Dragons co-produced it.

The ending theme song is “Nobody” by the American six-piece rock band OneRepublic. OneRepublic is a popular band nominated for a Grammy Award and was responsible for the insert song in the movie “Top Gun His Maverick.” They have revealed that “Nobody” was created with inspiration from Japan.

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