‘Kaginado’ Key One of the best carnivorous boys, Riki Naoe, is a hot topic! The extraordinary experience strikes the protagonists. Anime Episode 9

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This article contains the contents of the latest story. Would you please read it after acknowledging it?

In the late-night anime “Kaginado” on Tuesday, December 7, 2021, the 9th episode, “Main character, etc.” will be broadcast. The attention of the viewers is focused on the “experienced number” of each hero, and there is no end to the response on SNS such as “Riki-Kun’s experienced number www” and “It’s too disturbed (laughs).”

This time, the stage of the story was a masked talk in which the main characters of Key’s work talk about their true intentions. While the talks were unfolding nakedly based on various agendas, especially when the main characters were asked about “the number of experienced people.”

First of all, Tomoya Okazaki, the main character of “CLANNAD,” answered “one experienced person.” Next, Yukito Kunisaki of “AIR” answered three people, Kotaro Tennoji of “Rewrite” actually 0 people, and Yuichi Aizawa of “Kanon” 5 people, but the number was the largest among them. Is “Little Busters!

The main character, Riki Naoe. Although he looks like a herbivorous man, he is one of Key’s best carnivorous boys. In work, the figure of Riki, who counts the number of experienced people, is drawn as one of the best, and the number is too much to fit with one hand.

Eventually, the number of experienced people reached double digits, and the other protagonists could not hide their upset. “If you ask Kagari to make a branch world of sake pond meat forest …” “Damn, should I have reached out to Haruko and Holy?” ..

This episode attracted attention on SNS as well, such as “Riki-kun, is that the number of experienced people with that face? Www” and “It’s different (laughs).” You can see why Riki’s experience is overwhelmingly extensive by looking at the original game.

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