Anime ‘Let’s Make a Mug Cup’ Photographing Corner Mino Ware Tableware ‘Shindo Mudemon’

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A photography corner with character panels and other items has appeared at Cafe Kingyo Chaya in Hikarigaoka, Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, to liven up the TV anime “Let’s Make a Mug Cup” that is being aired in the second season. Mino ware ceramics are embedded to depict the character “Mado de Iemon.” Kazuto Koike (58), the chairman of the IT company Planet (Taipei-Cho, the same city), who was the starter, completed it by hand over five months.

The corner is the wall and planting part of the coffee shop adjacent to the supermarket’s parking lot. Mug cups, tea bowls, plates, etc., for dyeing and Shino were placed on a slope with a total length of about 20 meters and cemented. From a distance, you can see the appearance of Shindo Mudemon, but when you approach it, you can see that it is a variety of tableware. It is called tableware stored in a warehouse such as a kiln that was closed.

Chairman Koike is a member of the “Energetic Tajimi Executive Committee.” In 2010, the committee came up with an idea for making a manga set in the local area and produced it as a free comic at his own company. It was decided to animate it. I decided to create a corner from a conversation with Mariko Wakao, the owner of Kingyo Chaya, with whom I had a close relationship. Like the comics, it contains the desire to make Tajimi a city visited by people from all over the world.

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