‘KanColle Itsuka Ano Umi de’ will start broadcasting on November 3rd, and the latest PV will be released.

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The broadcast and distribution start date of the TV animation ” KanColle Itsuka Ano Umi de” has been decided on November 3rd, and the latest PV has been released.

It was also revealed that the theme song of the same work is “Shigure,” sung by “X JAPAN” vocalist Toshl’s alias “Ryugen Toshi.”

The work is a new anime series with eight episodes based on the ” Kantai Collection -KanColle ” game. ” The director is Kazuya Miura, the series composition and screenplay are by Kensuke Tanaka, the planner, director, and producer of the original game, and ENGI is in charge of animation production.

In the PV, many ship girls, including Shigure, appear, and they collide with each other while sortieing, saying, “I can’t afford to be treated like a destroyer” and “What do you mean by a destroyer?” there is

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