The ‘Movie Sasaki and Miyano graduation edition’ release date was decided on February 17, 2011. Completion of special news with a new video

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The release date of ” Movie Sasaki and Miyano Graduation Edition ” was decided on February 17, 2023, and a promotional video, a teaser visual, and a celebratory illustration by the original author, Sho Haruzono, commemorating the movie adaptation were shown.

The work is an animation of the boys’ love manga by Mr. Haruzono, which is being serialized on the webcomic site “Gene Pixiv.” Yumi Miyano (CV: Soma Saito ), a rotten boy who loves BL and has a complex about her female face, and her slightly delinquent senior, Hidenari Sasaki ( Yusuke Shirai ), depict the youth of high school boys.

The TV anime version will be broadcast from January to March 2010. In the winter season, “graduation,” Sasaki’s exam, and graduation ceremony are approaching, and the two who confirmed their feelings of “love” can spend time together.

There were only a few days left in high school. In addition to Shirai, Saito, and other prominent cast members, director Shinji Ishihira, scriptwriter Yoshiko Nakamura, and character designer Makira Fujii staff will also return. A short film, “Hirano and Kagiura,” which focuses on Sasaki’s classmate Hirano Taiga ( Matsuoka Yoshitsugu ), who lives in a dormitory, and his roommate’s junior Akira Kagiura ( Shimazaki Nobunaga ), will also be screened at the same time.

In the report, we look back on how Sasaki and Miyano, depicted in the TV anime version, confirm their feelings for each other and include a new video of the “Graduation.”

The teaser visual with the slogan “Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I want to be with you forever” depicts Sasaki and Miyano casually spending time at the station on their way to and from school.

The celebratory illustration by Mr. Haruzono depicts Sasaki and Miyano taking a selfie together, as well as Hirano and Kagiura talking about their enthusiasm for the short film.

In addition, it has been decided that the official WEB radio, “Sasamya Radio,” distributed during the TV anime version, will be revived for a limited time. Shirai and Saito will continue as personalities, and the delivery date and corner details will be announced later.

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