Kenta Miyake will play the hot spring mark, Takahiro Sakurai will play Otsuno Tsubame, and Marina Inoue will play Ryoko Mendou in the fall anime ‘Urusei Yatsura’! ‘I want to stir it up with all my might.’

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Three new cast members have been announced for the utterly new TV anime “Urusei Yatsura” (broadcast on October 13, 2022). Kenta Miyake will play the role of Onsen Mark, Takahiro Sakurai will play Tsubame Otsu, and Marina Inoue will play Ryoko Mendou.

The original Urusei Yatsura is the debut work of Rumiko Takahashi. This manga artist is still active at the forefront of the field and is a deeply loved romantic comedy magazine. The story begins with the encounter between Ataru Moroboshi, the “most evil” high school student on Earth, and the beautiful girl Ram, a “demon girl” who flew down from outer space.

In commemorating the 100th anniversary of Shogakukan’s founding, the utterly new TV animation broadcasts selected original episodes for all four courses.

So far, Hiroshi Kamiya has played the role of the main character Ataru Moroboshi, also known as “Darling,” and Sumire Uesaka has played the part of the heroine Lum. Wataru Takagi will play the role of Wataru Takagi, Miyuki Sawashiro will play Sakura, Kana Hanazawa will play Ran, Katsuyuki Konishi will play Rei, Saori Hayami will play Oyuki, Shizuka Ishigami will play Benten, and Nana Mizuki will play Princess Kurama. Rice field.

And this time, Kenta Miyake will play the role of Mark Onsen, an English teacher at Tomobiki High School who is made to suffer by Ataru. Takahiro Sakurai is Tsubame Otsuno, Sakura’s fiancé and exorcist, who is kind but a bit clumsy and goofy. Finally, Marina Inoue has been cast as Ryoko Mendou, Mendou’s younger sister and a naughty young lady.
At the same time, the visuals of 4 characters, including the mysterious monster cat, Kotatsu Neko, were also released.

The utterly new TV anime “Urusei Yatsura” will start broadcasting on Fuji TV “Noitamina” and others from October 13.

The role of the hot spring mark Kenta Miyake

Character introduction

An English teacher at Tomobiki High School. He is made to suffer by students full of problems children such as Ataru and Mendou.

Q1. What does Urusei Yatsura mean to you, Mr. Miyake?

I think it’s probably “a school romantic comedy that I touched for the first time in my life.” And it was Urusei Yatsura who first learned the word ‘worldly desires’ in his life.

Yes, “Urusei Yatsura” is a work that showed me various “firsts” when I was a boy.

Q2. Please tell us about the charm of the hot spring mark, what you want to cherish when playing the role, and what you enjoy.

For Ataru and the others, I want to play the hot spring mark with the hope that it will become an intimidating personification of power but a villain who will always be disgusting. Plus, I wish I could put in a bit of cuteness that I can’t hate…

Takahiro Sakurai as Otsuno Tsubame

Sakura’s fiancé. She was finally allowed to associate with the madman. She is kind but also a little clumsy and goofy.

Q1. What does Urusei Yatsura mean to you, Mr. Sakurai?

Anime started in elementary school, and I looked forward to it every week. It’s an epoch-making work in many ways, but I think one of the elements is music. The songs that grace OPED are still regulars on my playlist.

There aren’t many worlds where you can say, “Let’s combine hen and hen and make it even weirder.”

I was a teenager who wanted to go to Tomobiki High School.

Q2. Please tell us about the charm of Tsubame Otsuno, what you want to cherish in playing that role, and what you look forward to.

He is a cheerful and gentle character far from the image of an exorcist, and I get the impression that he is always getting involved in hits and losing.

A bit of clumsiness is what makes him attractive. I don’t think it’s necessary to add too much seasoning, so I’d like to be able to express the fun of the dialogue.

Ryoko Mendou Marina Inoue

Character introduction

Shuutarou Mendou’s younger sister. She is a prank-loving young lady who often plays pranks on her older brother Shuutarou.

Q1. What does Urusei Yatsura mean to you, Mr. Inoue?

It is a work that has existed as a matter of course since I can remember. At the time, even though I had never seen the show before, I understood the appeal of Ram-chan, a national character.

Q2. Please tell us about Ryoko Mendou’s charm, what you want to cherish in playing the role, and what you enjoy.

Ryoko is the most bizarre girl of all.

Everything she does is messed up, and she enjoys it to the fullest, which is very scary and exciting.

I want to do my best to stir her up so that she can be the hot spice of the work.

Character introduction

Mysterious ghost cat. She is friends with the principal of Tomobiki High School and often hangs out with Cherry.

Work introduction
Broadcast every Thursday from 24:55 on Fuji TV “Noitamina” and others from October 13, 2022

Broadcast time is subject to change without notice.

Rumiko Takahashi “Urusei Yatsura” (published by Shogakukan Shonen Sunday Comics)

Director: Hideya Takahashi Yasuhiro Kimura
Series Director: Takahiro Kamei
Series composition: Yuko Kakihara
Character design: Naoyuki Asano
Sub-character design: Kazuhiro Takamura Mikio
Mechanical design: JNTHED Yoshihiro Sono
Prop design: Ryo Hirata
Art setting: Kaoru Aoki
Art Director: Masanobu Nomura
Color design: Ayaka Nakamura
CG Director: Kanji Oshima
Director of Photography: Yuichiro Nagata
Editing: Kiyoshi Hirose
Music: Masaru Yokoyama
Sound Director: Miwa Iwanami
Animation production: david’s production

Ataru Morohoshi: Hiroshi Kamiya
Ram: Sumire Uesaka
Shinobu Miyake: Maaya Uchida
Mendou Shuutarou: Mamoru Miyano
Confusion Boy: Wataru Takagi
Sakura: Miyuki Sawashiro
Ran: Kana Hanazawa
Ray: Katsuyuki Konishi
Oyuki: Saori Hayami
Benten: Shizuka Ishigami
Princess Kurama: Nana Mizuki
Hot spring mark: Kenta Miyake
Ozu no Tsubame: Takahiro Sakurai
Ryoko Mendou: Marina Inoue

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