Kiyono Yasuno starring in the short anime ‘Deji Meets Girl,’ a new PV release that will take place in ‘Deji a Events’

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Kiyono Yasuno will be in charge of the role of Maisie Higa, the main character of the original short animation “Deji Meets Girl,” and a new PV containing the voice of Maisie has been released.

This work is directed by Makoto Shinkai’s director and animator, Shio Tazawa, from the beginning. Akane Malbeni, a cartoonist and illustrator from Okinawa, acts as the character draft and screenplay. “Meeting” (meaning “very” or “difficult”) in words “Maisie,” a first-year high school student who is working part-time at a family-owned hotel Face mysterious events such as swimming fish and gajumaru trees breaking through the ceiling of the hotel.

This work draws a slightly mysterious story in 90 seconds every week. Yasuno, who plays the role of Maisie, said, “I am very happy to be involved in the work set in Okinawa, which I have long admired for a long time! I want to play while enjoying 90 seconds. Please look forward to the autumn broadcast ♪ “. The new PV contains the voice of a confused dancer who is involved in a “big event.”

“Deji Meets Girl” is scheduled to be broadcast from October on “Oshiri,” a super animeism frame of 28 MBS / TBS stations nationwide.
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