Kobe’s mysterious massive ruins, animation MV business started.

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“Goshikizuka Tumulus” is a 194m-long front-rear burial mound in a residential area of ​​Tarumi-Ku, Kobe. An anime music project, “Wonders Calling You,” was announced.

Toho’s anime label “TOHO animation” is known for many topical works such as “Jujutsu Kaisen” and “My Hero Academia”. While the corona restricts the movement, he says he will try to re-examine the local area in front of him and create new values.

The first of these was the “Goshikizuka Tumulus,” a location facing the sea rare in Japan and called “a huge archaeological site that is too mysterious” because of its origin. Work with this tumulus as a motif is created in a music video that combines animation and music.

The animation’s original draft and concept design is an animator, Shino, who is attracting attention for character modelling that has become a beast. The song will be handled by the 4-member piano rock band HOWL BE QUIET and will be a science fiction fantasy work that overturns the public image of Kobe and the tumulus.

The producer is Katsuhiro Takei, who belongs to the Toho Imaging Division, and worked on the animated film “HELLO WORLD” (2019). “The keyword is an encounter with the unknown. We aim to be an exciting royal road adventure movie that hasn’t been seen in Japanese animation for a long time.” The work is highly acclaimed and will be released on the official website in March.

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