‘The Aquatope on White Sand,’ voice actor Rikako Aida pays attention to robust growth.’

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Following the first episode, the TV anime ” The Aquatope on White Sand ” has received a lot of feedback on SNS in the second episode, “Getting Wet is Part of Work,” broadcast last week. It is getting more and more attention as a work expected for this term, including colorful drawings by animation production company PA WORKS.

Is recap the second episode of the second episode, hero and UmiSaki enclosed field? Still, I small of Okinawa to serve as director proxy Fuka, a former idol who started working at the aquarium “Gamagama Aquarium,” is welcomed by Kukuru’s uncle and aunt, and decides to move to the Umisakino family. Fuka struggles with unfamiliar work when she puts more effort into rebuilding the aquarium, which is about to close, saying, “Summer vacation is the last game!”

The next day, the two of them challenged a penguin’s feeding show, and Fuka, who accidentally fell into the aquarium, was taught the rigor of caring for the creatures at the aquarium. Fuka was depressed, but after that, she learned of the strong desire to keep the “Gamagama Aquarium” alive and confessed to her past when she gave up on idols. He said, “My dream is over, but I can support someone’s dream. I don’t want the director to give up.” To Fuka.

The story concludes with a scene where two girls stare at each other in the beautiful night sea. It is Rikako Aida who plays Fuka with an attractive appearance and a pure heart.

In the second episode, Fuka pointed a watering hose at a moneylender who came to the aquarium and said that the scene of screaming and driving away was impressive. “Fuka is a girl who is bold regardless of appearance or has excellent action. I gave up the idol and suddenly changed my destination from the airport where I was supposed to return to my hometown and headed for Okinawa, and I also wrote the script. I’m often surprised when I read it. “What is her charm when you play such a Fuka? “I think this is both an advantage and a disadvantage, but it’s too easy.

I quit idol because of other members, and I don’t think many people can do that for others. I came to Okinawa. Since then, it’s fantastic that I’ve been working hard to rebuild the aquarium with everyone around me, and I’ve always been able to act “for someone” in my heart. However, honestly (where I work), Fuka wanted to help Kukuru’s dream, and I strongly thought that my place was here. And decided to do so. I believe that the encounter was a big one for Fuka.

“What is the highlight of episode 3? Fuka’s bond is that it gets stronger and stronger after the third episode. Would you mind paying attention to their friendship story, which trusts and supports each other through various times? “In episode 3, an unexpected event occurs, and everyone overcomes it through trial and error. I think Fuka, who was weak, looks a little strong this time. If anyone is in trouble, leave it alone. I want you to imprint on your eyes the actions that are unique to Fuka, who have a stronger desire to help than others. Also, when I came to Okinawa, Fuka was just getting energized, but in the second half. Gradually, the desire to “support me” has sprung up. I hope that you will be warmly watched until the end because it will grow powerfully.”

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