‘Laguna Crimson’ to start broadcasting at the end of September. Latest PV released, additional cast members Rena Ueda and Takehito Koyasu

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It was decided that the TV anime ” Ragna Crimson ” would be broadcast on September 30th, and it turned out that Rena Ueda and Takehito Koyasu would appear as additional cast. At the same time, the second PV has been released.

The work is based on the manga serialized by Taiki Kobayashi in “Monthly Gangan JOKER” (published by Square Enix). It depicts the ultimate battle between the dragons who rule the world as absolute powers and the “Karyudo,” who get rewards by hunting dragons, such as the main character Ragna. Ken Takahashi is directing, and SILVER LINK. Oversees animation production.

Ueda will play the role of Artemisia, a pterosaur, and Koyasu will play the role of Grumwelte, a black demon dragon. In the second PV, the voices of the two people are shown for the first time.

The full comments from Ueda and Koyasu are as follows.

R ena Ueda (Voice of Ultematia)
Ultimate is a character that I have been interested in since I first read the original work, so I was very happy when I was informed that I had passed the audition.

She has a glass-like delicacy and transparency, but you can feel both kindness and disgust from her affectionate movements. Increase. I hope that she will also enjoy the anime ” Ragna Crimson. ” Thank you very much for her.

[Koyasu Takehito (as Grumwerte) Even if the opponent is the main character, I’m challenging myself to lose, but the main character is powerful (laughs). No, it’s excruciating for me (lol)
How many more fights do I have to fight for the future of victory?
Let’s do our best!

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