‘Onichan is over! PV was released with the decision to make it into TV animation. Marika Kouno & Kaori Ishihara will appear.

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Manga “Oni-chan is over! Will be made into TV animation. At the same time, PV and cast information will be released, and Marika Kouno will play the role of Mahiro Oyama and Kaori Ishihara will play the role of Mihari Oyama.

In this film, Damenito’s “former brother”, Mahiro Oyama, who has been turned into a girl by a suspicious drug taken by her sister, graduated from her withdrawal while struggling to live as a girl.

A top-rated comedy that struggles with various things to do. Received multiple awards such as “Manga Ranking 2020 to be animated” (3rd place), “WEB Manga General Election 2019” (9th place), “Next Manga Award 2018” (5th place) There is.

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