‘Laughing Salesman’ ‘Hattori-Kun Fujiko Fujio A’s masterpiece manga ‘Magic Power.’

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It was reported that manga artist Fujio Fujiko A died. He has drawn many works since the joint pen name “Fujiko Fujio” with Fujiko F. Fujio, who died a quarter ago (1996). He has had a significant influence not only on manga but also on entertainment.

Fujiko Fujio A’s obituary was widely reported on the internet, news and TV and radio. As it was adopted in the Asahi Shimbun’s Tensei Jingo and the Mainichi Shimbun’s extras, it can be seen that it has a high social reputation. And while his partner Fujiko F. Fujio created a work that caught the hearts of children straight, Fujiko Fujio A sent out a profound work that touches the subtleties of humanity.

Many articles also focused on the difference in talent between the two, but I would like you to read the masterpieces directly without ending there.

Yahoo’s “Everyone’s Opinion”, “Laughing Salesman”, and “Ninja Hattori-Kun” were popular in the questionnaire “Which do you like about Fujiko Fujio A’s work?” However, “I didn’t read the original manga” and “I read it a long time ago, but I don’t remember it” is “something”.

Thanks to the internet, it is now an era where it is easy to touch the work. There are 41 works in “Fujiko Fujio A Digital Selection”, and in some cases, you can read more than 300 pages.

[Reference] “Fujiko Fujio A Digital Selection”

Fujiko Fujio A’s signboard work, “Laughing Salesman,” may have a different impression depending on the person in the anime and manga.

“Mataro is coming !!” is content in which a bullied child takes revenge on a bullied child by magic, but I don’t think it was created half a century ago. When I first read it, it said, “I don’t think it’s a manga by the same author!” The intuition at that time was correct.

If you read “Kaibutsu-Kun” again, you may sympathise with the werewolf and Dracula, who are swayed by the hero’s monster-Kun. I was impressed by the uncle of the police officer, who was surprised by the monsters.

Regarding the original manga animation, there is a concept that “animation is upward compatible with manga”. Because anime is broadcast free of charge, the pictures are moving, and the voice is easy to understand, you think anime and manga are “similar.”

However, the expression method is naturally different between anime and manga. Since the author has a great deal of discretion in the manga, his thoughts and philosophies tend to come out straight, and he tends to be more authoritative than in anime and games. That is one of the charms of manga, and I think it was the “magical power” of the work produced by Mr Fujiko Fujio A.

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