Luffy & Shanks in Japanese sweets ‘Tabemasu’ with ‘ONE PIECE FILM RED’ motif on sale today

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To commemorate the release of the theatrical version of the anime ” ONE PIECE FILM RED “, Japanese sweets “Tabemasu ONE PIECE FILM RED Luffy” and “Tabemasu ONE PIECE FILM RED Shanks” with Luffy and Shanks motifs will be sold nationwide from August 20th. It is on sale at the chilled dessert corner of 7-Eleven.

This product expresses Luffy and Shanks with Japanese sweets. The custard-flavored “Tabemasu ONE PIECE FILM RED Luffy” has a scar on his face expressed in a mold, while the chocolate-flavored “Tabemasu ONE PIECE FILM RED Shanks” reproduces his trademark red hair and manly expression. It also features a red product package that matches the movie. The price is 278 yen each (including tax/due to limited quantities, sales will end as soon as they run out).

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