‘Lupin the Third VS Cat’s Eye’ starts distribution on January 27, Akio Otsuka, Chinatsu Sakamoto, and other original cast members gather.

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The global exclusive distribution start date of ” Lupin the Third VS Cat’s Eye ” on Amazon Prime Video has been decided on January 27, 2023, and the main cast and participating artists have been announced. In addition, the second promotional video and critical visual have also been released.

This work is a collaboration work produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the animation of the late Monkey Punch’s representative work “Lupin the Third” and the original 40th anniversary of Tsukasa Hojo’s first serialized work, ” Cat’s Eye. ” Set in the 1980s (1981) at the time of the ” Cat’s Eye ” serialization, Cat’s Eye and the Lupine gang revolve around the three pictures “Bouquet and Girl” left by Michael Heinz, the father of the three Kaito sisters and Cat’s Eye. Fight thieves.

Except for some casts, the original voice actors of the anime version “Lupin III” and ” Cat’s Eye ” gathered. In addition to Kanichi Kurita as Lupine III and Keiko Toda as Hitomi Kisugi from “Lupin III,” Daisuke Jigen will be played by Akio Otsuka, Daisuke Namikawa will play Goemon Ishikawa, Miyuki Sawashiro will play Fujiko Mine, and Koichi Yamadera will play Inspector Zenigata. is played by

Rika Fukami will play the role of Namida Kisugi in ” Cat’s Eye, “Chinatsu Sakamoto will play the role of Ai Kisugi, Yoshito Yasuhara will play the role of Toshio Utsumi, and Mugihito will play the role of Nagaishi. In addition, Banjo Ginga, Hiroki Higashiji, and Takayuki Sugo have decided to appear (the cast has not been announced yet), and Heinrich Berger, an art dealer who knows Heinz before his disappearance, and executives of the weapons dealer Faden, who is secretly working in the underworld. Finally, Dennis Kirchmann, a powerful enemy who stands in the way of Lupine and Cat’s Eye, appears.

The theme song is the newly recorded song “CAT’S EYE 2023,” sung by Anri / ANRI, and the opening theme is “THEME FROM LUPIN vs. CAT’S EYE” by “fox capture plan.”

In the second PV, the main character appears with a voice. Also included is a phantom thief action scene where the Lupine gang and Cat’s Eye unfold. The key visual shows the main characters of the two works jumping out of the picture frame, along with the catchphrase, “The curtain rises on the battle of many flowers.”

The newly recorded theme song “CAT’S EYE 2023” for the splendid collaboration work by Lupine III and CATS is finished as “CAT’S EYE” of the present age while staying close to the original. So please look forward to it!

I was excited when I discovered that I could participate in the work I love.

This work also has music VS with Lupine and Cat’s Eye (fcp is rearranged).

You can enjoy the coolness and splendor of both. And I’m also enthusiastic about the theme song!
(Hidehiro Kawai)

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