A fierce battle with the anime ‘Chainsaw Man’ samurai sword! Episode 9 preceding cut and synopsis released.

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From the anime ” Chainsaw Man, “the preceding cut, synopsis, and preview video of episode 9 have been released. In addition, the newly appearing Kurose and Tendo scene cuts and voice actor information have also been lifted.

“Chainsaw Man” is an anime based on Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga of the same name serialized in “Shonen Jump+.”

The original comic is a famous work with a cumulative circulation of over 20 million copies, and MAPPA, which handles ” Jujutsu Kaisen,” etc., is in charge of animation production.

The main character, Denji (CV: Kikunosuke Toya), who lives as a devil hunter, signs a contract with “Chainsaw Devil” Pochita (CV: Shiori Izawa) and throws himself into battle as a “Chainsaw Man.”

Episode 9 “From Kyoto”

A fierce battle between Denji and Samurai Sword unfolds.
Denji takes Samurai Sword’s comrades hostage, but Samurai Sword kills Denji with his comrades.

Scene cuts of new characters Kurose and Tendo released. Kurose Tendo is a devil hunter belonging to Kyoto Public Security. Kengo Kawanishi voices Kurose, and Hitomi Ueda voices Tendo.

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