Mackenyu Nitta, Hollywood’s first starring movie ‘Saint Seiya’ release date & latest action-packed video unveiled

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The release date of the movie Saint Seiya The Beginning’ (original title: Knights of the Zodiac), in which Mackenyu Nitta starred in Hollywood for the first time, was decided on April 28 (Friday). The latest video, Japanese version Title unlocked.

Full of action! “Saint Seiya: The Beginning” Latest Video Movie: “Saint Seiya: The Beginning” The original is “Saint Seiya” by Masami Kurumada. This anime series has sold over 35 million copies and has become popular worldwide.

The main character, Seiya, is played in “Pacific Rim: Uprising,” and Nitta will be the first starring Hollywood movie in this work. In addition, Hollywood actors such as Sean Bean of the “Lord of the Rings” series and “Game of Thrones” and Famke Janssen of the “X-Men” series are on the side.

The director is Tomek Bagginski, executive producer and director of “The Witcher,” which was the No. 1 viewer in the world on Netflix in 2019, and the action director is “Shang-Chi / The Legend of the Ten Rings” and Andy Chan, famous for Jackie Chan’s stunts, is in charge. In addition, Hollywood’s elite gathered, such as DNEG, which handles Hollywood blockbusters such as “Matrix Resurrections,” “DUNE / Dune Sand Planet” and “Jurassic World / New Ruler,” was in charge of VFX.

The Japanese version of the title and the latest video is full of action! This time, the Japanese title of this work, “Knights of the Zodiac,” has been decided as “Saint Seiya The Beginning.” At the same time, Nitta’s action-packed, powerful latest video has been lifted.

The video shows powerful VFX and Seiya, played by Nitta, becoming a saint. The footage begins with the training of the mysterious Nitta and the Saints, followed by a sequence showing the flashiness of Hollywood action movies, such as fighter planes and car chases. And in the battle action, which is the cornerstone of this work, you can get a glimpse of Nitta’s well-trained body. Following the battle with a dark saint-like opponent, Seiya’s master, Silver Saint Marine, leads Seiya to the world of “Saints.” There are plenty of cuts that fans are drooling at, such as the cut in which Athena’s power explodes and the scene in which Seiya wears a holy costume.

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