Mayumi Tanaka, who plays Luffy, struggles to dub the live-action ‘ONE PIECE.’

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The second day of the festival “ONE PIECE DAY’23” of the popular content “ONE PIECE” was held in Tokyo, and the stage event of the Netflix original live-action drama series “ONE PIECE” was held at the opening. Mayumi Tanaka, Kazuya Nakai, Akemi Okamura, Kappei Yamaguchi, and Hiroaki Hirata, who were dubbed in the same work, gathered and talked about their charm.

The main preview video and scene cuts of the live-action drama series “ONE PIECE” (One Piece will be exclusively distributed worldwide from August 31st) were released on this day. The video shows Shanks, Gold Roger, Garp, Mihawk, and Aaron.

“Legends” such as Mayumi Tanaka, who have been voice actors since the start of the anime broadcast and are dubbing voice actors in this work. When the ban on the video was lifted at the venue, Tanaka said, “It’s exciting! It’s exciting! I think you’ll be surprised!”

Nakai was also excited, saying, “There were a lot of good scenes! When I see the scene where Luffy puts a hat on Nami, I automatically cry (laughs).

Okamura also said, “In the original work, the Going Merry was seen off, so I’m happy Merry is doing well! She looks happy when she’s smiling.”

Yamaguchi enthusiastically said, “When I was recording the dubbing, I was fascinated. When I saw the trailer for this time, I thought it was a great finish. I think I was able to do great work that will please everyone!”

Hirata said, “It’s difficult to dub a live-action movie. I’ve been doing anime for nearly 20 years, but I struggled to do a live-action dub without destroying the nuances of Sanji in the anime.”

Tanaka added, “I’ve been playing Luffy for over 20 years, but I thought, ‘What should I do about dubbing?!’

Nakai said, “I tried to make the play close to (Nitta) Mackenyu’s play. Even if it’s the same scene (as in the anime), you can watch it with a fresh feeling.”

Okamura was also delighted, saying, “I was thrilled to work as a voice actor for an anime after taking an audition 20 years ago and to be able to do a live-action film from scratch.

Yamaguchi reveals, “I’m overwhelmed by the feeling of being able to start another adventure from the sea of ​​beginnings. Jacob (Usopp’s role) has been researching it, and it’s Usopp!”

Hirata rejoiced at the gathering of the Straw Hat Pirates, saying, “I was most nervous about the voice test. I thought everyone would be bad if one person weren’t good at dubbing, so I’m happy everyone got together.”

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