‘Osomatsu-san’ Takahiro Sakurai and other sextuplets cast gather with smiles! The new anime is a ‘controversial work’ official report arrives.

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A stage greetings event was held in Tokyo on the 22nd to commemorate the 6th anniversary of the anime “Osomatsu-san,” the second installment of the new animation “Osomatsu-san ~Takoyaki Party of the Soul and the legendary sleepover party~.”

The sextuplet cast of Takahiro Sakurai (voice of Osomatsu), Yuichi Nakamura (voice of Karamatsu), Hiroshi Kamiya (voice of Choromatsu), Jun Fukuyama (voice of Ichimatsu), Daisuke Ono (voice of Jyushimatsu), and Miyu Irino (voice of Todomatsu) all took the stage, and the official report has arrived. Gave individual shots of their greetings. Jyushimatsu’s line, arranged to Irino’s instigation, “Kara no ~?” excited the audience.

After the screening, Sakurai asked the audience what they thought of the movie, saying, “It depicts their daily lives where nothing happens, so I hope everyone will enjoy it in their way.”

Ono said, “There are many heartwarming scenes, so I want you to watch it with your family. It would be nice if it became an annual event (theater release).” Next, when asked about his impressions when he received the script for this work, Nakamura, who had heard from the staff before reading the script that it would be a dialogue drama that was different from the previous work, said, “There are only three people who can speak properly, Osomatsu, Choromatsu, and Todomatsu, so I was looking forward to the interaction between the three, but it was always a reaction (laughs).”

Fukuyama, who felt that the scene where everyone’s tension rises while thinking about the problematic daily life was good, laughed and said, “Maybe I’m tired…”. Irino said that he felt confused during the recording at the beginning when the sextuplets didn’t say anything. “I think it was a luxurious 10 minutes,” he repeated the MC’s words in a loud voice, causing laughter in the theater.

In addition, many characters such as Totoko, Nyaa, and Dekapan appear in this work. When Sakurai was asked about his favorite scene, he said, “After all, Totoko was amazing!” Nakamura and Kamiya strongly agreed. “It’s nice to have a sense of distance where you can’t tell if you’re talking or not,” said Totoko’s love. And the scene where Nyaa appears is what the cast said they felt terrified of. At the same time, as being surprised that “time is moving forward in this world!”

The charm of this work is that you can see a new side of such sextuplets. When Nakamura was asked about the sextuplet’s “Best Matsu scene,” partly because it was a separate recording, he challenged while anticipating the performances of the other casts, and he boasted that he got the OK in one shot.

“The history we’ve been together so far has moved me,” said Nakamura, who looks cool like Karamatsu and the rest of the cast. When Irino saw Todomatsu contacting Dekapan with his smartphone, he confessed to feeling slightly shocked, saying, “I know his contact number… that’s the sense of distance…”.

In addition, Fukuyama taught how to flip takoyaki, and Nakamura gave a tsukkomi to Kamiya, who spoke without a microphone. The audience continued to watch over the natural and friendly interaction of the sextuplets cast as if they were watching the daily life of the sextuplets depicted in this work, with gentle smiles on their face like parents. In the final greeting, Irino expressed his hopes for the future: “I want to keep doing skit-like content in an omnibus format.”

“The venue was full, and there was a live viewing, so I was glad to see everyone’s faces. It would be nice to see them again,” Kamiya cheered. “I think the sextuplets don’t do anything unusual. Please continue supporting us so we can play the same sextuplets from now on.” closed.

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