‘Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch of Mercury’ Season 2, Trailer PV & Synopsis Unveiled Two weeks after Season 1, Sleta looks forward to reuniting with Mioline.

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The preview PV and synopsis of Season 2 of the TV anime “Mobile Suit Gundam Mercury Witch,” which will start broadcasting on MBS/TBS from 5:00 pm on April 9th, has been lifted on the 10th.

The Season 2 Trailer PV has been released on Gundam’s official YouTube channel, “Gundam Channel.” In addition to the new cut and voice that will be unveiled for the first time, the PV uses part of mama’s “slash,” which will be the opening theme of Season 2.

In addition, to commemorate the broadcast’s start, the two main characters of this work, Sleta Mercury and Mioline Rembrun will be an illustration project “JNN 28 station A joint project “Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury” Sleta & Mioline Japan Tour” has been announced.

As the first illustration, the tourist spot “Tokyo Hachiko Square” in Tokyo, where TBS is located, is unveiled for the first time. In connection with the exhibition event “Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury EXPO” currently being held at “SHIBUYA CAST SPACE GARDEN” for three days starting today, Sleta and Mioline enjoy sightseeing at Shibuya Station’s Hachiko square.

Is drawing In addition to displaying the illustration as a B2 size poster at the event venue, the image will be posted on the official “Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury” Twitter account along with the unique voices of Sleta and Mioline.

From the 13th, the wall stands of each illustration will be exhibited in sequence around MBS/TBS stations. At the same time, from the same day, the official Twitter account of the work will introduce an illustration with a unique voice that will be released only on Twitter, one by one, along with the countdown to the start of the broadcast.

“Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury” Season 2 Synopsis
AS (Ad Stella) 122. An era in which numerous companies have advanced into space and built a vast economic zone. Sleta Mercury, who has transferred from Mercury to Asticasia College of Technology, has spent her school life full of encounters and stimulation as a member of Gundam Co., Ltd., as the bridegroom of Mioline Remblanc.

Two weeks have passed since the incident at Plant Kueta. Suretta spends her days at her school, looking forward to reuniting with her Miolin. Meanwhile, Mioline was at the Benellit Group headquarters, watching over her father’s condition. She faces new difficulties and a binding decision. With their feelings in their hearts, the girls face the mighty curse that Gundam brings.

yama’s comment
I am very happy to be involved in the beautiful “Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury” work. I saw Season 1, but I’m also looking forward to Season 2. It’s a great honor to have my music played in the popular Gundam series.

This song expresses the image of encouraging yourself by telling yourself firmly about the weakness and introverted side of the main character. When the speculations of the surroundings and the world’s truth become clear, what will the main character cherish, put his feet on the ground, and move on? It is filled with the idea that you can decide even if you lose. I hope you enjoy the song “slash” and the opening animation.

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