The blockbuster movie ‘THE FIRST SLAM DUNK’ What is the ‘biggest mystery’ that 20-somethings who haven’t read the original manga have?

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The movie ” THE FIRST SLAM DUNK ” ( Original/Director/Screenplay by Takehiko Inoue ) is a big hit in Japan and overseas. With the box office revenue surpassing 10 billion yen as of February, some people say, “I only watched the movie without reading the original work.”

Therefore, this time, a real-time reader in his 40s who has been following “SLAM DUNK” since the original serialization and a reader in his 20s who has not read the original discussed their impressions of the movie. “Why was Mitsui so unsteady?” “Ryota and Ayako, which one did you prefer?” *Article contains movie spoilers.

[Photo] For readers who love the original work, the main character of “SLAM DUNK” is only “that person.”The movie “THE FIRST SLAM DUNK.” As a generation that was utterly addicted to the original manga “SLAM DUNK” (Takehiko Inoue / Shueisha, serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” from 1990 to 1996), I am thrilled to be able to discuss my impressions with people of different generations. (smile). Why did you want to watch this movie in the first place? And I was excited about that impression.

That momentum made me think, “Oh, haven’t you seen it yet?” The movie theater on the following holiday I went to. I saw it last year but heard that the movie is still a big hit. More than three months have passed since the release date of December 3, 2022, and the news is that it has returned to the top spot in the mobilization ranking and has become the number-one Japanese anime released in Korea in the past. Tari. Come to think of it, another person in his 20s who was with me at dinner also said he hadn’t read the original but didn’t watch the anime version (aired on TV Asahi from 1993 to 1996 ).

Did you know about the title of the work “SLAM DUNK”? Maybe because I was a woman’s only child, I had almost no contact with them… I knew only the name of the work and that it was a manga depicting basketball, but I needed to learn the details.

How did you come to know the name of the work? So-called “net memes” (videos, images, texts, etc., that spread on the Internet). Seeing the work used in a parody-like sense. For example, “Teacher, I want to play basketball.” I was curious to know who was talking to whom or what the background was… So, the image of a youth story about a naughty high school student growing up through basketball was just a rough idea in my head.

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