Momoclo / Ayaka Sasaki / Urusei Yatsura / Lum’s cosplay performance, voices of ‘pleasant eyes,’ ‘too cute,’ and ‘1 million likes.’

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Ayaka Sasaki (26) of ” Momoiro Clover Z ” updated her Instagram by the 20th. She showed off her cosplay as Lum from the

popular anime Urusei Yatsura. The figure that shows an exceptional smile with upturned eyes is Ram itself! (From Instagram) Sasaki spelled, “Don’t be so nervous,” and uploaded a picture of himself as Ram.

She wore a long blue wig and blue colored contacts, transforming her usual impression into a character. To this, the fans commented, “It’s a million times like it,” “It’s too dangerous, it’s too cute!” The costumes have been praised, saying, “It’s amazing because it suits you.”

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