Popular anime ‘Bocchi the Rock!’ Following the original comics, Blu-ray is also in short supply Purchaser event acceptance period is to be extended

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TV anime ” Bocchi the Rock! ] Blu-ray Volume 1 (Limited Edition) is out of stock, the official Twitter reports.

A high school girl band formed in the play. At the time of publication of the article, you can check the regular price and new inventory on Amazon and Rakuten, but it is in stock at Animate and HMV. Since the anime aired, the original comics have been in short supply to the extent that the publisher has said that it is “the top class in recent years,” but the sales of video package products also show high popularity.

Extended event priority reception for Blu-ray and DVD purchasers
Along with the report of the shortage, it was also announced that the acceptance period for the priority sales reception of the special event for the purchasers of the first volume of Blu-ray and DVD would be extended.

Before the change, the deadline for accepting applications was January 23 (Monday), but after the change, it was until February 6 (Monday). In addition, the date of the winning notification has been postponed, and the payment period has been extended.

Temporary shortage of original manga by Aki Hamaji

The TV anime “Bocchi the Rock! is based on the manga of the same name by manga artist Aki Hamaji. Broadcast from October to December 2022. A story about Goto Hitori, who is extremely shy and insidious, who joins a high school girl band and grows up with the band members.

The original is serialized in Houbunsha’s ” Manga Time Kirara MAX. ” The challenging and experimental expression as an animation based on music, the quality of the related songs produced, and the exciting story toward the climax, boasting a high degree of overall perfection and gaining popularity.

The impact extended to the original manga, and the stock temporarily became in short supply (currently stable). In addition, KAI-YOU.net interviewed the publisher, Houbunsha, about this reaction.

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