Momokuro Sasaki ‘Impressive that Takuya Kimura covered’ What is an ‘anime song’ with a characteristic ‘cute singing voice’?

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The TOKYO FM program “Momoiro Clover Z’s SUZUKI Happy Clover! TOP 10”, in which members of Momoiro Clover Z serve as personalities.

This program is an “original TOP10 chart program by song selection theme” created by Momokuro, navigator Shigeki Kiyono, and listeners nationwide. Each time, we will set a theme and announce the “Program Original TOP10 Chart” that aggregates the requests from everyone in a countdown format.

In the broadcast on May 1st (Sun), we delivered “GW, and I want to listen with my family !! Fujiko Anime Song TOP10”.

(From left) Momoiro Clover Z’s “Aarin”, Ayaka Sasaki, “Kanako”, Kanako Momota, “Shiori”, Shiori Tamai, “Reni”, Reni Takagi

First Chu” (Anshin Daddy)

Kiyono: Did you come to this song after all?

Arin: When I first heard this song, I was shocked. “What’s this song !?” (laughs).

Kiyono: Well, the singing voice.

Reni: It’s cute.

Kiyono: Many people cover this song.

Arin: That’s right. It is imposing that Takuya Kimura covered it.

Kiyono: Didn’t you cover Reni Takagi?

Reni: That’s fine (laughs).

Arin Kiyono: May I ask you (laughs)?

Reni: (while imitating) “First Chu ~. ♪”

Kiyono: (laughs).

Arin: Maybe it’s after listening to the real thing (on the sound source).

Kiyono: After all, it was better not to expect it.

Reni: It’s gone. I should have done it (laughs).

Arin: I wonder if it wasn’t cute enough, but the expected value rose (laughs).

Reni: It’s no good if you do it with satisfaction.

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