Johnny’s K transforms into a popular anime Hanyo’s character & reproduces the kiss scene that Has been done.

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In the Japanese TV variety show “Guru Guru Ninety Nine” (7:56 after every Thursday) broadcast on the 15th, the popular project “Daredare?” Send the 5th “Cosplay Show.” Suddenly, “Johnny’s K,” known to everyone who cosplayed as the main character “Hanyo,” has sold over 50 million comics and is very popular in anime. Imagine “I’m sure you’re confident” ( Takashi Yoshimura ) and, “I think you’re an absolute actor. Your face is beautiful” ( Yoshizumi Ishihara ).

As a hint, the famous scene “kiss scene” that appears in work is reproduced. However, boos from the respondents. Then, when he performed a sharp dance with Johnny’s song, Takizawa demonstrated his unusual, unique ability of “remembering people with his nose.” “I recently saw my nose with my work,” he predicted the identity of the cosplay celebrity, and what was the result?

This time, the moderator, Nine Tinain Hiroyuki Yabe, is a cosplayer of Dandy Sakano and is “Gets!” Bol cram – Anri will be transformed into a high school girl of the popular anime. Okamura becomes Nagano and shows off the story with a slapstick. The answerers are Ishihara, Karen Takizawa, Ryo Narita, Yoshimura, and Tokoriya Tanabe of Boru Juku. If the answer is incorrect, severe punishment awaits everyone. Also, from this time, 30 general viewers will participate in the forecast at the same time.

The next celebrity will be the enemy character of the enemy character who appears in the world-famous blockbuster manga born over 35 years ago. His head is a turban, and most of his face is hidden by a cloak, and although he can only see his eyes, Yoshimura points out, “It’s a dangerous guy’s eyes!” Furthermore, when the plainclothes is released, he knocks down with “Dasatsu!”. However, he couldn’t see the person himself at all, and Narita also wondered, “It’s so difficult.” Therefore, “mouth” is released as a big hint. Then, Yoshimura suddenly became impatient, saying, “Maybe it’s dangerous.” With the appearance of the person himself, it develops into a rainy day.

And the celebrity who dressed as a beautiful girl who is not good at expressing emotions, who is the main character of both novels and anime, has a hard time because it is difficult to tell whether the answerers are men or women. So, as a hint, Ishihara decided to take a closer look. When Yabe heard Ishihara’s conclusion, he was worried that it might be difficult. Then, even Ishihara became a catastrophic failure of Dogeza.

Okamura declares, “I think it’s the most difficult thing in cosplay history!” He is a celebrity who has become the strange hero of a horror comedy movie directed by Tim Burton. Yoshimura is expected to be an entertainer because he is short, and his movements are comical. However, Narita anticipates a celebrity who overturns the flow, saying, “I was in a pinch! I have only confidence.” In addition, Takizawa’s unique ability is also added. Is it possible to detect the cosplay that Ninety-nine calls “the greatest masterpiece ever”?

The beautiful silver-haired girl who appears in the popular light novel is the national idol S, who also participated in “Kohaku Uta Gassen.” However, in the physical ability check and the unique skill show, it is a disappointing appearance. In addition, a celebrity who has become a familiar character with a “dark doctor” who has a scar on his face challenges “wasabi sushi.” The habit of coming out is a big hint. In addition, an unprecedented emergency has occurred in which a cosplay celebrity who once appeared is hidden once. Two-thirds of the average person is correct for makeup for three hours, and Ninety-nine is a celebrity who is proud of his physical strength.

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