Netflix anime ‘Arcane’ and ‘Squid Game’ are suppressed and ranked first in the new series in high demand in the United States.

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According to US media research firm Parrot, Netflix’s worldwide anime “Arcane” has surpassed the “squid game” that had been running at the top for several weeks to become the most sought-after new series in the United States. Analytics has announced.

The company announces the “Most Demanding New Series” ranking every week based on the survey results. Still, it is said that “Arcane,” which has been distributed worldwide since November 7, has recently won the top spot.

This work is an animation drawn like the day before the PC online game “League of Legends,” produced by Riot Games, which handles the game version, and Fortiche Production, a French production company. It’s the story of a sister who lived apart because of the conflict between the prosperous city of Piltover and its underground city.

According to Parrot Analytics, “Arcane” has the highest demand, even if the original programs digitally distributed in the United States are combined, overtaking “Stranger Things Unknown World” and “Mandalorian.”

Netflix, which distributes the program, has not announced specific numbers. Still, looking at the fact that it has already ordered Season 2, it seems that it is producing good results.

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