I Don’t Like Mondays. It decided to be the new theme song for the TV anime ‘ONE PIECE.’

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I Don’t Like Mondays. Will be in charge of the new theme song for the TV anime “ONE PIECE,” which will be broadcast from January 9, 2022.

The first anime tie-up for I Doesn’t Like Mondays. Before the anime broadcast time, the theme song “PAINT” will be released for distribution only at 0:00 on the same day.

At the same time as the information is released, the jacket artwork is also released. The jacket design is a graphical work with a “flag” as a motif designed by Akihiro Yasuda (CEKAI). YU (Vo.), When he was a student, a group member was an intern and had a hard time realizing the collaboration between Baccarat Glass and “ONE PIECE.” In a handwritten letter to Eiichiro Oda, YU wrote his thoughts on “ONE PIECE,” which has such a connection.

“PAINT,” which was written for “ONE PIECE,” is a sound that extrudes a sense of speed and exhilaration peculiar to anime songs. A cheering song with a powerful message of “Repaint with” and a wish to be a source of courage for everyone. Along with the song’s release, we plan to carry out a playback and download campaign to win ONE PIECE figure.

YU (Vo.) Comment:
If you notice, ONE PIECE has been reading and being influenced by you even now as an adult for more than 15 years since you were in junior high school. For me, it is still unbelievable to let me sing the theme song of a deified work. At first, I was wondering if I could make a song that would suit ONE PIECE. However, I remember that ONE PIECE has given me the courage to face adversity countless times. And at that time, I felt that the “Straw Hat Pirates” pushed my back again. After that, I was composed with the intention of “I’ll create it.” And the finished song is called “PAINT.” I put the message “Beyond my current self.” This song can push someone’s back with ONE PIECE, just as the work of ONE PIECE gave me the courage to confront anxiety and hesitation because it is difficult to see ahead like today. I would be happy if I could do it.

SHUKI (Dr.) Comment:
I never thought that the day would come when we would do the theme song for “ONE PIECE.” When composing, what was important was the worldview of ONE PIECE. Participation in the works that I have read since I was a child inevitably overlapped with each other’s feelings, and I think that all the members were making the best hurdles in the past. In recreating and completing the song many times, aiming for a song that is suitable for this work, I feel that the band has been able to work together as one to compose. It’s as if the heroes in the film overcome the difficulties and are naturally reflected in the depths of us who grew up with ONE PIECE and once again realized the work’s greatness. Bottom. To be the driving force of this work that crosses the sea and jumps out to the world, the sound side was made with the guitar sound, which is also a symbol of the band sound, as the central axis, especially considering the feeling of running and excitement. You can put a voice sample or synthesizer that processed the voice with the image of the wind that advances the sailor changes the rhythm approach of each section to express the development of the adventure scene, but it can be done as a long-lasting work. I made it with the first aim of making a sound that is not influenced by the times. From such an era to the children who will grow up watching this work as we did, to the adults who touch this work that once inspired everyone, and above all, the character in work. May it reach us!

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