New information on the movie ‘Detective Conan’ and the sequel’s release to ‘Spider-Man: Spider-Birth.’

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Review the anime-related news that was announced by the first half of December and became a hot topic with fans’ voices. Introducing information on famous works such as the latest movie version of “Detective Conan” and the new movie of the anime “GeGeGe no Kitaro.”

Teaser visuals and unique news videos are released from the latest version of the “Detective Conan” series!

Following “Detective Conan Scarlet Bullet,” which was released in April 2021 and recorded a massive hit with box office revenue of 7.52 billion yen, the title of the 25th movie version of “Detective Conan” is “Detective Conan Halloween.” “Bride” is decided. In addition to being released on April 15, 2022, the teaser visual drawn by the original author Gosho Aoyama, a 30-second special video, scene photos, and character correlation charts have been lifted one after another.

The stage of this work is Shibuya, which is crowded with Halloween. A thug rushes into the wedding venue, and Harry Wilder, who tries to protect detective Miwako Sato in a wedding dress, is injured. On the other hand, the criminal of the consecutive bombing incident three years ago, when Jinpei Matsuda, once thought of by Sato, was killed, escaped from prison. Rei Furuya succeeded in hunting down the opponent, but someone could put on a collar bomb. Conan, who heard about the incident three years ago from Furuya, struggles to release the bomb …

The teaser visual is designed by five people, Furuya and Matsuda, Kenji Hagiwara, Hiromitsu Morofushi, and Ko Date, who are in sync with the police academy of the Metropolitan Police Department, which is the key to this work. You can also see Detective Sato in a wedding dress and Detective Takagi in a tuxedo. In addition to showing their appearance in the particular news video, Amuro mutters, “It’s not Amuro. It’s public security police, Rei Furuya,” to Conan, who shouts Amuro’s name. To inflate. In the character correlation diagram, the relationship between the police academy group and detectives Takagi & Sato can be seen.

Fans posted comments on SNS about this work, such as “Get a movie flyer,” “I was able to secure a flyer safely,” and “I just got it because I had something to go to see the movie!”. It seems that many fans want to get the leaflets installed in the theater, and the feeling that they can’t wait for the release is conveyed.

The new movie “GeGeGe no Kitaro” will be produced!
The new movie “GeGeGe no Kitaro,” “The Birth of Kitaro, The Mystery of Gegege” (release undecided) will be produced. The new teaser visual and central staff were announced, directed by Go Koga in the movie “Gegege no Kitaro Nihon Explosion !!” (08), and written by Hiroyuki Yoshino, who worked on the series composition of the TV anime “Macross F.” It turned out that Toko Yatabe, who was the deputy director in “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” (21), is in charge of character design.

This work is part of the original author’s “Shigeru Mizuki 100th Anniversary Project”. Based on the 6th period of the TV anime “GeGeGe no Kitaro,” a story approaching the mystery of the unknown “Kitaro birth” is developed, and Miyuki Sawashiro, who played the role of Kitaro following the TV anime version, played the role of Kitaro’s father. Masako Nozawa will appear. The teaser visual is drawn by Yatabe, with red eyes peeking through the gaps in the bandages, and next to it is a meaningful catchphrase, “Are you a Nanimono?”

Along with the announcement of this work, comments from director Koga, scriptwriter Yoshino, and character designer Yatabe also arrived. “This movie is a new challenge to create” Scary Kitaro “for” adults “on the occasion of” the 100th anniversary of Dr. Mizuki’s birth “, and I have a lot of things I want to try again,” Koga enthused. Yoshino said, “No one, let alone Kitaro himself-no, have ever seen this movie. I couldn’t even imagine, and before I got sick, I could see the activity of my heyday’s eye-catching father. “I think,” said Yatabe, “I enjoyed working with the original drawings and ending 3 of various times even in the 6th term Kitaro, but this time it seems to be very, very interesting … I’m excited from now on.” The passionate feelings of

“Haken Anime!” Set in the anime industry. Announced by the creators of the anime in the play

” Haken Anime! ” Is a movie adaptation of the novel of the same name by Naoki Prize-winning author Mizuki Tsujimura. (Released in May 2022). From this work set in the Japanese animation industry, the creators of two animation works competing for “hegemony” in the play have been announced.

“Soundbank Play Stone,” directed by Hitomi in the play, is a royal road juvenile robot animation. The main characters fight to protect peace from a giant robot that suddenly attacked a peaceful country town. In addition to director Azuma Tani, known for “Wakaokami is an elementary school student!”, Eisaku Kubonouchi will be in charge of character design, and Takayuki Yanase of the “Mobile Suit Gundam 00” series will be in charge of mechanical design.

On the other hand, the prince’s director’s “Fate Front Liddell Light” is a story about a magical girl, Mitsuri, who transforms a motorcycle on which she rides with the power of her soul and competes with rivals. This work brings together Takashi Otsuka, director of the “Pretty Cure” series and “ONE PIECE STAMPEDE” (19), and Takahiro Kishida, a character designer, known for “Durarara !!” and “Puella Magi Madoka Magica.” In addition, Tsujimura himself wrote the entire plot for each of the 12 episodes, including episodes that are not used in the movie, and makes you feel the high passion for animation production just like the characters in the play.

The mysterious Spider-Man appears in the first video of the “Spider-Man: Spider-Birth” sequel!

The sequel “SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE (PART ONE)” of “Spider-Man: Spider-Birth” (18), which recorded worldwide revenue of 375 million dollars, will be released in theaters in 2022. The ban on the first video and scene photos has been lifted worldwide.

In the previous work, the story of various Spider-Man gathering from Multiverse under Miles Morales, a junior high school student of Spider-Man, unfolds. Innovative images that look like animated comics have been highly acclaimed and won the 91st Academy Award for Feature Animation, the 76th Golden Globe Award for Animation Work, and the 46th Annie Award for Feature Animation. It won 7 categories including.

In the video released this time, Gwen appears from another universe under the grown Miles and begins with a scene where they meet again. After that, the appearance of Miles moving between the universes is also projected, but a mysterious Spider-Man appears there. Is this Spider-Man the Spider-Man 2099 whose existence was hinted at in the previous work? To the topic. Also, as you can see from the title “PART ONE,” the script and production of “PART TWO” has already been announced by Phil Lord & Chris Miller.

Fans responded to this news with comments such as “The picture and music are the best!”, “The previous work was interesting, so I have high expectations for this time too!”, And “Oh! I have to go see it “.

In addition, Studio Ghibli’s works will be broadcast for two consecutive weeks at the first Friday Road Show in 2022. Anime fans are also interested in the fact that “Spirited Away” (01) will be broadcast on January 7 (Friday), and “Porco Rosso” (92) will be broadcast on January 14 (Friday).

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