‘Zombie Land Saga Travelers Guide,’ a collaboration book of popular anime and travel guidebooks, will be reprinted!

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The number of views of news release announcement posts has exceeded 960,000 times!

Great response right after the release! Reprint decision! Travel guidebook that embodies the world view of “Zombie Land Saga” as it is. You can know deep Saga with this one book!

Shobunsha Holdings Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary Shobunsha Publications, Inc. have embodied the world view of the famous original TV animation “Zombie Land Saga,” released on July 29, 2021, as a travel guidebook “Zombie Land Saga.” Thanks to the strong sales of the “Traveler’s Guide,” we have decided to reprint it and ship it from August 25, 2021.

Great response on Twitter!
For tweets announcing the release, browsing is 960,000 times, including the more than, was a great response. The net bookstore also becomes out of stock at the local Saga and Tokyo bookstores, which has led to this reprint.

tweets Each numerical value related to the response is as of August 16, 2021, Life-size panels and posters are also being developed at local and other bookstores Francheche’s store display at some bookstores in Saga prefecture, Fukuoka, Tokyo, Osaka) A life-sized panel has been set up. The poster is also posted at major bookstores.

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