One Piece: 9 Anime Chefs Who Would Give Sanji A Challenge

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In spite of Sanji being a wonderful cook in One Piece, other anime culinary specialists have traveled every which way with abilities that would scrutinize Sanji.

One Piece has numerous wonderful characters who have their range of abilities and shortcomings to help them stand apart from the rest. One of these characters is the hot-blooded gourmet specialist Sanji Vinsmoke of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Sanji’s great battling and cooking abilities make him a wild privateer to experience. In spite of Sanji being an extraordinary culinary specialist in One Piece, other anime gourmet experts have gone back and forth with abilities that would scrutinize Sanji’s eminent cooking authority.

9. Brock Has Cooked Excellent Meals & Never Once Had Anyone Complain That His Food Tasted Terrible (Pokémon)

Brock’s aptitude in the Pokémon anime could fill in as a commendable cooking challenge for Sanji. Brock’s probably the best gourmet expert and somebody who dominated his cooking ability as a kid.

Brock would comprehend Sanji, considering Sanji additionally adored cooking at a youthful age, notwithstanding his dad being disappointed with Sanji cooking for other people. Further, Brock’s known for preparing posh suppers that never frustrate his sidekicks or Pokémon and consistently conveys his utensils with him wherever he goes.

8. Sebastian Michaelis Wasn’t A Bright Cook At First But Trained Himself To Be A Great Chef In Time (Black Butler)

Dark Butler was a charming anime for some fans due to its important characters and shocking activity. Albeit a few fans may contend that there were things about Black Butler they despised, many will concur that Sebastian Michaelis’ cooking wasn’t one of those, in view of their appearance alone.

Regardless of Ciel not favoring of Sebastian’s cooking strategies, he’d later work on his abilities to where his suppers turned out noteworthy and heavenly. He’s a definitive head servant and one who wouldn’t be hesitant to give a cook-off challenge to Sanji.

7. Komatsu Is A Chef That Can Hear The Voice Of His Ingredients & Can Improve His Cooking Methods On The Fly (Toriko)

Toriko is a cooking anime that set heroes in opposition to one another to achieve the best and most uncommon fixings their reality had to bringing to the table, since having such items caused individuals to feel fabulous. Albeit the anime’s fundamental character, Toriko, is an anime character that loves food as much as Goku, Komatsu’d be the one to give Sanji a test.

Komatsu is a great culinary expert in Toriko who can learn things in a split second and frequently has a force that permits him to improve his cooking strategies on the fly. With Komatsu’s novel abilities, similar to food karma and hearing the “voice” of his fixings, he’d set up an extraordinary fight against Sanji.

6. Tonio Trussardi’s Stand Pearl Jam May Give Sanji Some Issues If These Two Battled Each Other In A Cook-Off (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable)

Regardless of whether Tonio Trussardi from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable is a JoJo character numerous fans disregarded, his cooking is something numerous JoJo fans would recognize as being heavenly in the arrangement. Tonio’s known for being an amazing gourmet expert with dishes that will send his clients into a twisting of satisfaction.

What might set Sanji a roar during their cook-off would be Tonio’s stand called Pearl Jam. Pearl Jam permits Tonio to make vegetable-like beasts that dwell inside his dinners and will expand somebody’s mending state generously.

5. Ryuuji Takasu Likes To Keep His Household Clean & Cook Excellent Desserts To Satisfy Himself And Others (Toradora!)

Taiga Asaka and Ryuji Takasu are a portion of the exemplary couples in shojo anime, with Ryuji being the one that makes the couple’s best suppers. Regardless of whether Ryuji’s cooking his orange custard pie or some other dish, he’s the individual Taiga relies upon most at whatever point she’s eager.

Further, Ryuji’s known for taking neatness above and beyond and takes care of territories around his family that are immaculate and liberated from germs. Sanji would respect Ryuji for keeping a spotless workstation and wouldn’t see any problems with conflicting with him in a treat based cook-off if Ryuji needed to challenge him.

4. Kotori Iida Can Create Whimsical Dishes & Provide An Worthy Challenge To Sanji In A Kitchen  (Sweetness & Lightning)

Despite the fact that Sweetness and Lightning may not be outstanding amongst other cut of life anime, its adorable stylish alongside its enchanting character cast cause it an arrangement that will cause fans to feel comfortable. Regardless of whether fans delighted in the arrangement for Kouhei or Tsumugi’s character, many will feature Kotori Iida as somebody they adored.

Kotori had a dread of blades during her adolescence and a rough relationship with her mom concerning trust, among others. On schedule, she later figured out how to prepare delectable dinners and even offered exercises to Kouhei when she saw he needed abilities around there.

3. Shirou Emiya Is A Noble Person & Chef That Loves Cooking Excellent Japanese Cuisines (Fate/Stay Night)

Shirou Emiya is one of Fate Stay/Night’s best characters sincerely and an equitable heart. He’s prepared in a conflict with Saber and longed for turning into a Hero of Justice. Shirou’s likewise known for his superb cooking abilities and had individuals look for help from him concerning cooking.

Cooking is Shirou’s claim to fame, and he’s particularly enamored with making Japanese delights. He doesn’t care for utilizing irregular fixings when cooking dishes and will invest energy fitting sublime products to accomplish the ideal feast. He’s profoundly serious with regards to cooking and would give Sanji a cook-off deserving of his abilities.

2. Kimihito Kurusu May Appear In A Raunchy Series, But Can Cook Addictive And Delicious Meals (Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls)

Regardless of being an anime filled to the edge with ecchi content, Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls gave silly and relentless humor because of the beast young ladies and human characters highlighted in the arrangement. Kimihito Kurusu may not resemble an interesting character, however his cook abilities do not merit ignoring.

Like Sanji, Kimihito doesn’t care for the individuals who squander food and will mix fixings to make suppers that will fulfill the beast young ladies that possess his home. Despite the fact that his suppers misfire on him concerning weight gainage objections, his dinners keep on wowing his beast mates.

  1. Azuma Kazuma Is A Bread-Maker Who Wishes To Create Japan’s Most Delicious Bread Of All Time (Yakitate Japan!!)

Despite the fact that Azuma Kazuma may appear as though an adolescent ill suited to challenge Sanji, he holds exceptional bread creating powers that will leave Sanji in stun. Azuma is an exuberant male who needs to make Japan’s best bread formula and gets motivation from different Japanese stores and stories advised to him by his granddad.

That, yet as a little fellow, Azuma acquired exceptional hand powers called Solar Hands, which assists him with cooking his bread to total flawlessness. Besides, Azuma’s known for saving the universe by implanting explicit capacities into his bread.

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