‘Hiroaka’ original episode, pre-cut & new cast announcement

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The pre-cuts and new characters and casts of the new original episodes “HLB” and “Laugh! Like Hell” of “My Hero Academia” have been announced.

The new episode “HLB” depicts a baseball showdown between heroes. Shishido, a hero with a lion’s personality, will appear as a new character, and a baseball confrontation with a full-blown “personality” will occur between Orca led by gang Orca and Lionels led by Shishido. Nobuyuki Hiyama is in charge of the role of Shishido.

“Laugh! Like Hell” reveals an incident in which Deku, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki occurred during an internship at the Endeavor office. The new character is Mr. Smiley (CV: Hironori Kondo), a self-proclaimed “artist” who is a mysterious and mysterious man. The police are also struck by the personality of Mr. Smiley, who scribbles all over the city, and the No. 1 hero, Endeavor, is asked to support him.

“My Hero Academia” new original episodes “HLB” and “Laugh! Like Hell” will be held at movie theaters (10 theaters nationwide) from June 16 to 19th as an annual “Hero Day” project. After being pre-screened, it will be distributed by each video distribution service this summer. When watching the theater, double-sided postcards for each visual of “HLB” and “Laugh! Like hell” will be distributed as a bonus for visitors (finished as soon as they run out). At TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills, a stage greeting will be held on June 19 by Daiki Yamashita (role of Deku) and Jun Suwabe (part of Shota Aizawa) (stage greeting before the primary screening / 7:00 pm).

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