One Piece Editor Reasserts When the Manga Will Likely End

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One Piece is on a tear right now with the Wano Country arc, and it has no plans on easing back down. From the anime to the manga, the series is wowing fans everywhere on the world. Obviously, the epic activity of Wano Country has fans stressing One Piece may end in the near future. Also, presently, another meeting with a previous series manager is getting into that dread.

The entire thing went down as of late when an network program in Japan talked with Kohei Onishi, the current proofreader everywhere of media at Weekly Shonen Jump. It was there Onishi, who used to be a supervisor to Eiichiro Oda, remarked on how long he accepts is left of One Piece.

“Kohei Onishi, current editor responsible for media in Weekly Shonen Jump, has remarked on One Piece’s last scene, expressing that there should in any case be 4 to 5 years left for it; around 20 to 30 volumes left,” Twitter client WSJ_manga interpreted for fans.

Obviously, this remark is a long way from official, so the real course of events of One Piece is obscure. The lone individual who comprehends the years left in the series is Oda himself. Obviously, the maker has addressed the subject previously, and Oda is by all accounts thinking about the finale of One Piece more so than expected nowadays.

Not exactly a year prior, Oda himself said he anticipates that One Piece should last another four to five years. This discussion was had on a TV visit, and Oda asserted the forecast later in the year. Indeed, the craftsman said he wanted to emphasize the timetable so One Piece fans could start setting themselves up now for the finale. All things considered, One Piece has been something enormous for fans given its 25+ year run. When the story closes, Luffy will have likely been around for a very long time. Oda needs long-term fans to prepare themselves for the misfortune that is coming, and Onishi trusts Oda will follow through on his expectation.

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