Asmik Ace 2022 anime lineup released!

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Director Masaaki Yuasa The latest movie version of “Inu-Oh”, the movie version of the popular TV series “Yojohan”, “Hamefura”, etc. Asmik Ace Co., Ltd. will release information on the lineup of animation works produced and invested in after 2022.

The theatre animation that will be the secretary’s work is the latest work by Masaaki Yuasa, “Inu-Oh” starring Avu-chan (Queen Bee) x Mirai Moriyama W, “The Tatami Galaxy” x “Summer Time Machine Blues”, An animated version of the novel created by the fusion, “The Tatami Galaxy “, a movie adaptation of the popular “Experience-based Animal Picture Book”, “Kame no Kora wa Abara Bone”, and the popular different world with a cumulative circulation of over 5 million copies. The movie version of the reincarnated animation series “I have reincarnated as a villainous daughter who has only the ruin flag of the maiden game …”. The TV series has a lineup of two seasons of the popular fantasy comedy “Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time,” serialized in Monthly Action.

In addition, the movie version of “Odd Taxi in the Woods”,  which was aired coolly in April 2021 and attracted a lot of attention due to the gap between its cute character and detailed story development, and produced enthusiastic fans. “Gessan” (Shogakukan) The movie version of the popular youth comedy “Mr Takagi who is good at teasing” and “Movie Zannennai Kimono Encyclopedia” based on the popular children’s book that introduced the unexpected features of animals I am participating.

We will deliver a wide variety of attractive lineups of the above seven theatrical versions and 1 TV series. Please expect by all means!

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