‘ONE PIECE’ movie prequels were continuously broadcast for two weeks always. Luffy, Uta, Shanks, and others constantly draw memories in Fusha village.

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In commemorating the release of the animated movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED” on August 6th, the TV anime “ONE PIECE” currently being broadcast on Fuji TV will be posted for two consecutive weeks. Has decided. The 1029th episode on the 14th and the 1030th episode on the 21st will depict the memories of Luffy, Uta, Shanks, and the Red Hair Pirates in Fusha Village and will be broadcast for two weeks before the movie.

In the movie “FILM RED,” the story begins with the shocking fact that Uta, the world’s diva, is Luffy’s childhood friend and Shanks’ daughter. In the movie, the time spent in Luffy, Uta, and Shanks’ Fusha village is depicted as a flashback scene, but in this linked episode, the encounter between Luffy and Shanks Uta a little earlier is shown.

In addition to Luffy, Zoro, Nami, and many other nostalgic characters will also appear. In addition to Luffy and Uta and their childhood dreams, you can also see how the Straw Hat Pirates headed for Eresia, the island of music, which is the stage of the movie.

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