Anime ‘Kimisen’ 2nd season postponed to 2024

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It has been announced that the second season of the TV anime ”You and I’s Last Battlefield, or the Holy War Where the World Begins”, which was scheduled to air in 2023, will be postponed to 2024. official for ”You and I’s Last Battlefield, or the Holy War Where the World Begins” said, “We have announced that ”You and I’s Last Battlefield, or the World Begins the Holy War season II” will be broadcast in 2023. However, we have decided to change the broadcast year to 2024.”

”We apologize for causing concern to everyone looking forward to the work. As soon as the broadcast date is decided, we will notify you again on the anime’s official website and Twitter.” In addition, it has been decided that the first season will be rebroadcast on BS11 from October 2nd.

The work, broadcast in October 2020, tells the story of two heroes from the Empire and the Nebulis Imperial Palace, who have been at war for 100 years. Iska and Aliceliese meet on the battlefield and become archenemies, risking their lives to fight, but in the fierce battle, they see each other’s true faces and are drawn to their way of life and ideals.

It is a story in which a boy and a girl develop their feelings in a divided world, even though they understand a cruel fate will toss them. The first season of TV animation was broadcast in 2020.

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