Original development from the four episodes of the summer anime ‘RWBY Ice and Snow Empire’! New visuals and PV released.

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The summer anime “RWBY Ice and Snow Empire” will be the original TV anime from episode 4 of the broadcast on July 24, 2022. This time, the latest key visuals and PV have been released. It has been decided to have a retrospective screening on Nico Nico Live Broadcasting and unlimited viewing of the original series.

“RWBY” is a 3D / WEB animation series produced by Rooster Teeth Productions in the United States and is currently being developed until the 8th season.

“RWBY Ice and Snow Empire” is a TV anime based on “RWBY” where Japanese staff gathered. Gen Urobuchi (Nitro Plus) will be the draft animation, Tow Ubukata will be the series composition and screenplay, and Shaft will produce the energy.

Original development starts from the 4th episode of the broadcast on July 24. With the cooperation of Hunter Zion, who specializes in a nightmare, Ruby infiltrates Wyeth’s dream, aiming for the dream’s core, where the Nightmare takes root and glides on the snowfield with a snowboard.

The latest key visuals and new PV are released to commemorate the original development’s entry. The figure of Team RWBY, who is trying to save Weiss, who has been trapped in the dream world of Nightmare, is drawn, and the new catchphrase “No matter how much she refuses, we do not despair” is also impressive.

The end card illustration of the third episode by manga artist Hiroyuki Asada is released. The mysterious Zion, who cooperates with Team RWBY to defeat Nightmare, is a beautiful piece, and comments were also announced.

On July 24, Nico Nico Live Broadcasting will hold an “RWBY Ice and Snow Empire” Chapter 1-Chapter 3 Review Screening. This is an excellent opportunity for those who have missed work. From August 5, unlimited viewing of the original “RWBY” series will be decided on each site, and the series will be united to liven up the latest work.

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