Speaking of characters that look good on the ‘sea,’? 3rd place ‘Free!’ Haruka Nanase, 2nd place ‘Dr. STONE’ Nanami Ryusui, 1st place ‘One Piece’ Luffy

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Marine Day in 2022 is July 18.

Marine Day is a national holiday that has been in force since 1996 and is set on the third Monday of July.

Many works and characters remind you of the sea, such as titles set in the sea and characters that are good at swimming in anime. Anime there! Animation! Then, we conducted two reader surveys, “What is the” sea “animation?” And “What is the character that suits the” sea “?” We received responses from 354 people during the survey period from June 30 to July 7.

The male-female ratio is about 45% for males and 55% for females, which is slightly higher for females. About 70% of the age group was 19 or younger, and about 20% were in their 20s.

This article will announce the result of “What is the character that suits the” sea “?”

Characters with titles that will be broadcast and released this year are popular!

Monkey D. Luffy from “One Piece.” The approval rating was about 35 percent.

Luffy, the main character of “One Piece,” said, “Because the name” I will be the Pirate King !!!! “is so famous” and “The Straw Hat Pirates look good on the sea, but the captain is the best!” Comments such as “I can’t help but think of sitting on the bow and enjoying the sea view!”

In addition, Jinbe is ranked 5th, and Nami is ranked 8th at the same rate, which shows the work’s popularity. What kind of activity will you show in the movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED” released on August 6?

Ryusui Nanami from “Dr. STONE.” The approval rating was about 4 percent.

Nanami Ryusui is a sergeant of the shipping company Nanami Zaibatsu. It is a new character that first appeared in the TV special “Dr.STONE Ryusui” broadcast on July 10, and it feels like a man who is loved by the sea and loves the sea, as the line “Hitruze Sailor Kan is.” “I immediately thought of it.” And “I made him say something with his overwhelming financial strength, and since he was a child, he made sailboats and acquired nautical skills. I feel passionate, “he collected many votes.

This work will be broadcast in the third term, “Dr. STONE NEW WORLD,” in the spring of 2023.

Haruka Nanase from “Free!”. Her approval rating was about 3 percent.

Haruka Nanase played an active part in a swimming club in the second grade of Iwatobi High School in the first period of TV animation. “Anyway, I’m good at swimming, and Haru-chan in the water looks very happy.” “I love swimming by myself, and the scene of walking and running near the sea is also impressive.” The good thing is the reason for collecting votes.

In April 2022, the main characters of the popular series, whose final chapter “Free! -The Final Stroke-” was released in the second part, entered the top three.

Introducing other comments !!

“Ensemble Stars! “I came up with her from the mouth saying,” I came from the blue sea “and “The gap that I can’t swim is cute.”
“Tropical-Rouge! “Pretty Cure,” Cure Lamer says, “The first mermaid pressure. Even after transformation, the costume that feels like a mermaid is wonderful, just like Laura’s original appearance.”

Captain Dyce of “Future Boy Conan” said, “Because I call myself the man of the sea, the treatment of my beloved ship, The Barracuda, is first-class. It will increase. “

“love live! “Sunshine !!” Nanaka Suwa said, “Because my parents run a diving shop. There is a scene where I dive even in animation, and I like the feeling of being loved by the sea.” There was also a vote for the series that was decided to be animated for “SUNSHINE in the MIRROR-.”

Following the sea animation, the characters from “One Piece” are gaining popularity in the sea character edition. In addition, the characters with the titles whose new works were released and broadcast in 2022 are ranked high.

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