Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau points out three men and a sales company who should have reported 100 million yen in trading card resale, such as ‘Yu-Gi-Oh,’ profit from rare cards.

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It turned out that three men in Kobe and a sales company who resold trading cards of popular anime were pointed out by the Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau to have yet to declare about 100 million yen.

According to people involved, the three men in their 20s in Kobe were making a profit by reselling trading cards they purchased online. However, they still needed to file their final tax returns and were pointed out to have failed to declare about 80 million yen. Ten thousand yen was additionally taxed.

A trading card sales company established by one of them has reduced profits by excluding a portion of sales. About 20 million yen was recognized as concealed income, and about 6 million yen was collected and taxed.

It is said that the three made a profit by reselling rare cards from the popular anime “Yu-Gi-Oh!”. The number of people buying for investment and resale purposes has increased, and the National Tax Agency was investigating.

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