SHINee’s Minho Aespa’s message until the final episode of ‘K-Pop Generation.’

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The message of ‘K-Pop Generation’ will be revealed in the final episode.

Episode 8, released on the 8th, explores the future that K-pop will draw with three themes: technology, environment, and society, with the theme of the new generation and the end of K-pop. In particular, the various attempts and achievements of K-pop to overcome the pandemic, as well as the stories of fans and artists who strive to make K-pop a sustainable culture, are unfolded, and the influence and direction of K-pop growing with the new generation are highlighted.

First, episode 8 of ‘K-Pop Generation’ shows how K-Pop, based on offline business, expanded its scope to online business while going through a pandemic. Through SM Entertainment’s ‘Beyond Live,’ etc., we will check how the contents that meet fans online by meeting IT technology in an environment where artists cannot meet the public have developed. Furthermore, AI technology and K-pop will present a new world.

Among them, the AI ​​concept of aespa, a girl group with a worldview that includes artist members in the real world and members of ae (Avatar x Experience) in the virtual world, and SUPERKIND, which provides for AI members for the first time in the world. Behind-the-scenes and honest stories will also be revealed to add interest.

In terms of a sustainable future, episodes of K-pop fans’ awareness of environmental issues and efforts are also included. In particular, the campaign of ‘K-Pop for Planet,’ a K-Pop fandom environmental group that raises questions about the K-Pop consumption system that induces excessive purchases, and the story of NCT’s Doyoung fandom, which creates a forest to commemorate the special day of artists, are also covered.

In addition, Chu, an artist from the YouTube channel ‘Keep Chow,’ which has made the message of environmental protection the subject of its content, appears and talks about the rewarding process he felt during the production process and the influence of the artist he felt.

The story of social solidarity connected by the power of K-pop music is also covered. Through Girls’ Generation’s song ‘Into the New World,’ sung during protests in Korea and Thailand, we look at how the new generation conveyed their message through K-pop. In particular, we will talk about how the songs spread through the media have been used in their country’s social and cultural context and the social influence of K-pop, which needs to be covered better through local coverage in Thailand.

‘K-Pop Generation’ explores K-Pop, which has become a global culture since last January, from various angles. From episodes 1 to 8, Kangta, Boa, Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Sunye, Sunmi, SHINee’s Minho, 2 am’s Jo Kwon, 2 pm, Highlight, EXO’s Suho, Mamamoo Hwasa, Seventeen Hoshi, NCT Doyoung, SF9, Chuu, Stray Kids, Tomorrow by Together, DKZ, ENHYPEN, aespa, IVE, Kep1er, Le Seraphim, Super A total of 22 teams, including SUPERKIND and tripleS (in order of debut), 53 K-pop artists, experts in various fields, and fandoms, etc. K-pop stories told through the voices of many people attracted attention.

‘K-Pop Generation,’ which now passes the last chapter of K-pop exploration, has captured both quality and topicality, such as rising on social media real-time trends after each episode’s release with a directing and format that seems to combine documentary and entertainment.

As a bible of K-pop, episode 8 of TVing’s original documentary ‘K-Pop Generation’ will be released on TVing at 4:00 pm on the 6th.

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