‘Oshi no Ko’ Recorded the highest number of viewers ever on ABEMA. The 2nd place in the spring anime ranking announcement is Kimetsu no Yaiba.

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ABEMA has announced the final ranking of viewing data for the new April fantastic anime broadcast on anime channels.

The same ranking is a unique compilation of viewing data from the first broadcast to the final episode. This time, we have announced the top 5 works in the viewership ranking, which is the total number of viewers in real-time broadcasting and missed distribution, and the comment ranking, calculated from the number of comments at the time of broadcasting.

Number of viewers category
1st place: “[Oshi no Ko]”
2nd place: “TV anime “Devil’s Blade” Swordsmith Village Edition”
3rd place: “Yamada-kun and Lv999 fall in love” 4th place:
“I gained cheat ability in another world, and even the real world is unrivaled ~Leveling up changed my life~” 5th place: “Mushle -MASHLE-” Comments category 1st place: “[Oshi no Ko]” 2nd place: “TV Anime’ Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’ Swordsmith’s Village Edition” 3rd place: ‘Explosive flames in this wonderful world!
4th place: “Edo-mae Elf.”
5th place: “I’m in love with Yamada-kun and Lv999.”

From sequels to famous works to first-time animated assignments, it is cool now that topical results have been released one after another. In the final ranking, the TV anime “[Oshi no Ko],” which took the world by storm, such as SNS trends every week and the theme song sweeping the world’s hit charts, is one of the successive works broadcasted on the “ABEMA” anime channel. Record the highest number of viewers. It dominated both the number of viewers and the number of comments on Cool Now.

The number of viewers is the total number of viewers for linear broadcasting from the first to the final episode and the number of viewers for the missed delivery.

During the broadcast of the final episode, comments such as “Dance drawing is exhilarating!”, “Ruby is so cute! Expectations are also rising for the second season. Next, the second place in the number of viewers and the number of comments was the latest work of the popular anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba” “TV animation “Kimetsu no Yaiba” Swordsmith Village.”

In the final episode, the battle’s conclusion at the swordsmith’s village was flooded with excited and moving comments such as “It’s already a movie, drawing, “Even if I knew the ending, I could cry,” “Wow, that was great! Thank you, Demon Slayer!” showed its unchanging popularity.

In addition, “I’m in love with Yamada-kun and Lv999”, “I gained cheat abilities in another world, and I’m unrivaled in the real world ~Leveling up changed my life~,” “Mushle-MASHLE-,” “This Explosive flames in a wonderful world! ] is the first speed, the middle, and keeps the top in the final ranking. In addition, “Edomae Elf” showed a great leap forward, entering the TOP5 for the first time in the number of comments category.

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