‘Otter’ first appearance in ‘Chiikawa’ anime Voice is Yuma Uchida ‘Singing enthusiastically in the car’ is a common point

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The animation “Chikawa” is broadcast on Fuji TV’s morning information program “Mezamashi TV” (every Friday around 7:40). The sea otter will appear for the first time in the 51st episode “Bug, Gichigichi / It was dangerous…” which will be broadcast on tomorrow 24th. A comment has arrived from Yuma Uchida, who was in charge of the character voice.

Chiikawa is frightened by a giant insect that chirps, but a savior appears!? What kind of activity will the sea otters, who are good at subjugation, show? “Chiikawa” is based on a manga posted on Twitter by illustrator Nagano in 2020.

The gap between the small and cute characters and the severe worldview has gained wide popularity among adults to children. Chikawa-related products ranked second in the “Nikkei Trendy 2022 Best 30 Hit Products” and Grand Prix at the “Japan Character Awards 2022”. The total number of views of the videos published on Mezamashi TV’s official YouTube channel has exceeded 99 million (as of March 21).

The animation “Chiikawa” will be streamed on YouTube, TVer, GYAO!, and FOD for one week after the broadcast ends (from 8:00).

Comment from Yuma Uchida

Please tell us how you feel now that sea otters are finally appearing.

I’m excited to hear that Sea Otter will finally make an appearance. The recording will be a long time ago, so I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Please tell us about the points you were conscious of when playing the sea otter and what was difficult compared to other works.

I thought about how to approach that cute form and what was in the backbone of the sea otter. A sea otter who has a mysterious side but also a cute side. It was a problematic recording, but I was healed.

Do you and sea otters have any similarities or things in common

? Sea otters are attractive beings who are both strong and lovable. To put it bluntly, I like sweets. And singing passionately in the car may be similar.

Please tell us what you think about the attractiveness of sea otters and what you should pay attention to in the future.

Sea otters are rare, so. (laughs) I’d be happy if you could watch Chikawa weekly so you can come out anytime. Please watch over not only the sea otters but also the Chikawas, who live their lives to the fullest. Thank you very much.

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