In the anime’s final episode, Ave Mujica celebrates his birthday. Thoughts on ‘Thrown Dice’

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Next generation girl’s band project “BanG Dream! Ave Mujica, a real band born from “BanG Dream!”, released their first CD mini-album, “Alea jacta est” on the 13th.

The band creates content that intersects “reality” and “virtual,” in which users solve mysteries presented through music videos, digital singles, videos, and SNS. Expand. On June 4th, he appeared in front of fans for the first time at “Ave Mujica 0th LIVE “Primo die in scaena.”

After their first live performance, the characters and cast were shrouded in mystery, and they finally “formed” in the 13th episode of the anime “BanG Dream! It’s MyGO!!!!!”, which aired on the 14th. Riko Sasaki (Gt & Vo, Doloris/Hatsuka Misumi), Yuzuki Watase (Gt, Mortis/Mutsumi Wakaba), Yumi Okada (Bass, Timoris/Kairi Yahata), Akane Yonezawa (Dr, Amoris/Nyamu Yutenji) It was revealed that the band is made up of five members: Kanone Takao (Key, Oblibionis / Shoko Toyokawa).

ORICON NEWS caught up with the five members just before the broadcast and asked them about their appeal of Ave Mujica’s music. What do these girls, whose “dice were cast” at this moment, feel about this work, and what prospects do they have for the future?

An unusual sound image unfolds in the first CD work

The mini-album “Alea jacta est” will include six songs, including the original songs released and the new song “Ave Mujica.” If you could convey the appeal of Ave Musica in terms of performance and tone, how would you describe it?

[Sasaki] It’s not a simple matter…I guess. Sometimes, the time signature changes in the middle of the song, and sometimes the melody is original. But it’s also so catchy that you can’t get it out of your head once you listen. Also, the lyrics were written by Diggy-MO’. The songs are very worth thinking about, and they stir my imagination.

Do you go into recording with Sasaki-san imagining the meaning of the lyrics?

[Sasaki] The five songs besides “Ave Mujica” have themes; I was told just the keywords. It doesn’t specifically refer to “this part of the lyrics,” so I’d like everyone who listens to it to think about it.

I would like you to highlight the highlights of the mini album…in one word.

[Sasaki] One word…!? (lol)

[Watase] It’s difficult, but… “I want you to listen to every detail.” Especially Rikochi’s (Sasaki) vocals…

[Takao] I was going to say the same thing! (Laughs) [Watase] What particularly struck me was the 1B melody of “Ave Mujica.” The song “I’ll Cut You into pieces and turn them into stars” sings as if you’re laughing, but “I’ll Poison You” sings it all at once. The tone of her voice changes to a lower tone.

[Sasaki] I’m glad you noticed! I consciously choose to use it that way.

[Takao] When I heard that phrase for the first time during the recording, I was moved by how expressive it was. Also, “God, Idiot” is lovely. I hear that singing voice moving me as I play it live, so please check out the live video.

The combination of Nontan’s (Takao) lines and everyone’s choruses makes the song pull you into Ave Musica…even better than that. So, if I had to say it in one word, it would be, “Please be dragged along.”

[Okada] The “Limited Edition with Blu-ray” includes the “0th LIVE” live footage and music video, so I would like to say, “Please use your five senses to feel us.” Many people were involved in making both the CD and Blu-ray look cool, so please enjoy them!

Everything I wanted to say has been said… (bitter smile).

I saw the live video first, and it includes a lot of scenes of Akanen (Yonezawa) spinning his stick and hitting while singing, so people should pay attention to those parts. I think so.

[Yonezawa]…! (lol)

[Takao] Is that okay!? (lol)


The footage differs from the archived version, and 0th LIVE is the only one performing live wearing a robe, so I hope you enjoy this precious scene.

We are heading towards the “next stage” as a real band and character.

In conjunction with this work, on the 17th of this month, you will appear as the opening act at Roselia’s solo live show “Roselia ‘Farbe.'”

[Watase] I’m excited.

[Sasaki] I feel that “I want to catch up with Roselia someday,” but I also worry about whether Roselia’s fans will accept me…

[Okada] It’s the first live performance after the anime’s characters and cast are revealed, so it’s an unknown world.

[Takao] While learning from our seniors, I want to perform a live that will make people think, “Ave Mujica’s live is also great.”

After the 13th episode of “BanG Dream! It’s MyGO!!!!!” was aired, it was announced that there would be a sequel to the same work with a story focusing on Ave Musica.

[Sasaki] The sequel…is fantastic! (Laughs)

[Takao] You’ve never seen an anime like this.

[Watase] In a sense, it’s a “psychological horror”… The TV anime ” “It’s My GO!!!!!” also showed humanity, but I think it will be a different work.

Have you already known the outline of the story?

[Okada] I read the script for a few episodes, and it felt like I was reading a mystery novel. This will help me study this… However, we have only read a few episodes, so we are still determining what kind of story it will be.

[Yonezawa] In the TV anime “It’s My GO!!!!!”, Nyamu-chan, the character I play, barely appeared until the final episode. There will likely be more scenes in which he appears in the sequel, and we’ll see some unexpected sides of him (lol).

[Watase] I was reading it in the middle of the night and got so scared that I closed it once (lol).

[Sasaki] That much!? (lol)

[Takao] I cried. At the end of the TV anime ” “It’s My GO!!!!!”, the ending was quite shocking for Shoko-chan, but when I read the script after that, my heart sank… However, as Meishan (Okada) said, we don’t know the story ahead, so we’re waiting for the following report along with everyone.

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