Parent-child tour at Tobita Shinchi’s former Yukaku ‘Tai Yoshi Hyakuban’ Enjoy the gorgeous interior.

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On August 1, a “summer vacation parent-child tour” was held at the former Yukaku restaurant “Tai Yoshi Hyakuban” (3 Sanno, Nishinari-Ku, Osaka) in Tobita Shinchi. (Abeno Keizai Shimbun)

“sea bream Yoshi hundred number” is the Taisho era in the red-light district, which was built in, precious modern Japanese style to convey the Brothels architecture of that time to today. Known as architecture, it is designated as a national registered tangible cultural property.

The interior of the building features a gorgeous interior that incorporates various elements, such as a drawing-room that imitates Nikko Toshogu and Yomei Gate, a passage that imitates the arched bridge of Sumiyoshi Taisha, a large hall with a Momoyama-style design, and a Western-style Dutch room.

For the parent-child tour, “MICRO HERITAGE” (business entity: Summit Real Estate, CR-ASSIST), which is working on the preservation and restoration project of the store, will release the sequel ” Yukaku ” of the popular anime ” Kimetsu no Yaiba ” this fall. By starting, we planned it for children and parents of Kanazuka Elementary School (Abeno Ward) in Osaka City, which is close to the store, to learn about the Yukaku and the history of the area.

Approximately 30 parents and children participated on the day, and a quiz tournament was given to the children, and a lecture about the Yukaku was given to the parents. The girl (11) recalled, “I enjoyed it because the image changed depending on the room, and it was Western-style, Japanese-style, and the decoration was gorgeous.”

The store is crowdfunding for preservation and restoration because the building’s foundation, exterior, and interior have deteriorated significantly. It is being held until August 10. Masahiko Sugiura of MICRO HERITAGE says, “We held a tour to deepen the understanding of” Tai Yoshi Hyakuban, “which is an important heritage of the region, without understanding the local people.” “I’m glad that the children were interested in the glittering interior.”

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