King is considered to be the ‘strongest’ in ‘One Punch Man.

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Hello, this is Rikao Yanagita from the Institute of Science and Technology. I enjoy thinking about manga, anime, special effects programs, etc., from the perspective of science fiction. By the way, this research report is.

In “One Punch Man,” where many heroes appear, a unique existence is King.

Although the ranking is 7th in the S class, he has defeated many enemies so far and is praised by people as “the strongest man on earth,” “the top of the hero,” and “the strongest in the ecosystem,” and is feared by monsters. The three claw marks running on the left eye are the remnants of fighting the enemy of the disaster-level god (which brings the danger of human extinction).

Its overwhelming strength was reflected in the reaction of a monster who appeared in the city. When I noticed that there was a King in front of me, I suddenly became a dogeza! And start crying! The end is convulsions!

At this time, an eerie sound of “Dodddddddddddd” was ringing around. This is the “King Engine.” According to the narration, “The sound of King, the strongest man on the ground, when he is ready to fight. It is said that no monster has returned alive after hearing this sound.” What an Osoroshii!

However, the reality is entirely different.

According to him, “29 years old who is unemployed, nerdy, and withdrawn.”

In the heroic story that is told, a mighty monster happened to appear, and while he was closing his eyes with fear, someone just beat him.

The scar on the left eye is a wound unilaterally damaged by a disaster-level tiger (second from the bottom of the 5th stage) monster.

And the “King Engine” that the monsters are afraid of is so scared that even others can hear the beating sound!

Wahaha. Characters whose fame and reality are so far apart are rare. And fun.

Let’s think about it there. Is it really that people can hear the sound of the heart because of fear?

Very high evaluation!

It is the Hero Association that ranked King in 7th place in the S class. How strong is this group?

The heroes belonging to the association are 17 S-class, 38 A-class, 101 B-class, and 390 C-class. In other words, it is the 7th strongest among the 546 heroes!

Moreover, that is also a story on the rank, and other S-class heroes recognize King as the “strongest.”

The high evaluation of King is also reflected in the “Data” of “One Punch Man Hero Taizen.”

This is a 10-point evaluation of heroes with eight items such as “physical strength,” “intelligence,” “sense of justice,” and “endurance.” It seems that you can’t get a perfect score unless you are at an excellent level, and even Tatsumaki, who is in 2nd place in the S class, has two items in the ideal score and 1 item in 3rd to 6th place. Nevertheless, King has a perfect score of 10 on all eight items! It’s an evaluation that doesn’t look at the actual situation !?

Even so, the trust of S-class heroes is strong, and at the battle scene when the earth is in danger, King is first asked for his opinion on tactics. Around the silent King, the King’s engine rings. “Dodddddddddddddddddd”. Wahaha.

What kind of heart sound is it?

It is a great story that people around you can hear the sound of the heart.

Typically, no matter how much you exercise or get nervous, you will not hear the sound of someone else’s heart. However, the reason why you can listen to the sound of your own heart and the sound of another person’s heart using a stethoscope is because you are listening to the “bone vibration” that is transmitted through your body.

A slight sound that the human ear can hear is called “minimum audible sound.” The sound of the heart is greater than the minimum audible sound in bone vibration, but it does not reach the minimum loud sound when it travels through the air.

However, the King Engine reverberates at a loud volume that scares the monsters, not the minimum audible sound. How loud is it?

Loudness is expressed in units called “decibels” (symbol is dB). The definition is that “the minimum audible sound is 0 dB, and every time the energy per second of the sound increases ten times, the dB increases by 10.”

To give a concrete example, whispering is 20 dB, quiet room such as a library is 40 dB, an ordinary conversation is 60 dB, screaming is 80 dB, subway car is 100 dB, and the engine sound of a jet plane heard nearby is 120 dB.

Then, what is the sound of the heartbeat of an average person traveling through the air?

This is inaudible, so it is below the minimum audible sound, and dB should be negative. Let’s assume “minus 20dB” here.

On the other hand, what is the sound of King’s heart that even bad guys can hear?

It won’t be as quiet as a library, and it won’t be as big as a scream, so let’s think of it as 60dB here.

Then, the “King engine” is 80 dB louder than the sound of a normal human heart. As mentioned above, the decibel has a rule that “when dB increases by 10, the energy per second increases by ten times”, so when dB is 80, the energy per second is 10 to the 8th power, that is, 100 million times. The “King Engine” sound is 100 million times louder than the heartbeat of ordinary people.

What’s happening to King’s heart, which produces such a loud volume?

Simply put, the energy produced by the heart per second should be proportional to “beat rate x heart rate cubed.” If the rate of increase in heart rate and the rate of growth in heart rate is the same, it will be proportional to the “4th power of the rate of increase”, which means that the rate of increase is 100 million times that of an average person. Become.

This is amazing. An adult’s heart rate averages 75 times a minute, so a 100x king is 7500 times.

What is your actual ability?

Moreover, the amount of pumping is 100 times that of the general public (70 mL), and 7,000 mL = 7 L at a time. The amount of blood that can be pumped to the whole body in one minute is calculated by “heart rate x pumping volume,” so if the King is 100 times that of an average person, it is 10,000 times.

I want King, who has such a heart, to be careful about high blood pressure, but if he overcomes it and trains his lungs, King may have a bright future.

Since the number of nutrients and oxygen sent to the whole body in one minute is increased by 10,000 times, the energy exerted in one second is increased by 10,000 times. This will improve your physical fitness.

The running speed is 21.5 times. If an ordinary 29-year-old can run 100m in 15 seconds, King is 0 seconds 70!

Power and jump altitude are 464 times. If a typical 29-year-old lifts 30 kg and jumps 60 cm in a vertical jump, King can lift 14 tons and jump 278 m!

Isn’t the future suitable for S-class 7th place waiting? Surprisingly, King is strong, after all. Great.

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