Peak experience to make We Will Rock in anime

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Biwa turned into an electric guitar. The people’s footsteps, applause, and cheers were the enthusiasm of the live performance. The story eventually connected with the Muromachi period and the present. The highlight is the dance expression by animation. It may be the first time that the choreography reminiscent of BĂ©jart’s “Bolero” has been so artistic and fascinating while preserving the common sense of the dancing body.

In the performance scene that raises the automatic tension and the dizzying colours, the time of euphoria continues with Avu-chan’s illusionary vocals that give life to mysterious characters.

Her flesh that transforms with her destiny, the contrast between beautiful time and darkness, the world for those who have lost sight, etc., are full of ambitions to innovate animation in many productions. It became a series of dizziness.

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