BTS Jin, Japan K-Pop Juice Popularity Ranking Daily No. 1 ‘Express Popularity’

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On April 22, BTS Jin took first place in Japan’s ‘KPOP JUICE’ Idol Daily Twitter Ranking. In addition, the number of daily tweets was also announced through Twitter that it ranked first among 7 BTS members, confirming Jin’s unrivalled TOP-level popularity.

K-Pop Juice is a popular Japanese ranking site dealing with Twitter, YouTube, voting, and auditions of K-pop idols in Japan. The target of counting is Twitter’s tweets, and retweets and quoted tweets are not included. Even if the same name is mentioned multiple times in one Tweet, it is not counted twice, and only tweets made with the official activity name are included. Jin’s status in Japan can be confirmed because the number of K-pop juice tweets, which has such a strict counting standard, reached 19,460.

In addition, on the Japanese TOP 200 chart of the global music platform ‘Shazam’, Jin recorded the first place for a total of 49 days until April 24, starting with a reverse run on April 9, and is maintaining the number one position for 16 days in a row. In addition, in the ‘World Soundtrack Single Chart’ of the Japanese music site ‘e-Onkyo music’, it topped the chart for eight consecutive days until April 22 and achieved the top spot for 30 days. We are writing a new history.

In Japan, Jin is called ‘Crystal Voice’. He dominates the Japanese archipelago with his flawless appearance, sweet tone, and perfect life like a visual king, recording dazzling achievements with his outstanding abilities and versatile charm.

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