‘Phrase that you will never forget once you hear it’ OP, ‘Paripi Komei’ OP, Hungarian ambassador who was born the original song, also responded

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The opening song of the anime “Ya Boy Kongming!”, In which the famous warrior Zhuge Liang of the Three Kingdoms reincarnated in modern Japan, attracts attention as the animation progresses. The original song is a song by a Hungarian artist, and a Japanese cover was released along with this work.

“Ya Boy Kongming!”, Which has been broadcast on TOKYO MX, MBS, etc. since April 5, 2022, is an animation in which Zhuge Liang, who reincarnated in modern Shibuya, aims to become the top in the music world with Eiko Tsukimi, who aspires to be a singer. The state of the club and music festival is drawn in work.

The opening song of this work was “QUEENDOM,” a unit of members selected from the existing dance vocal group, including Hibiki and Moka from lol, Akina and Taki from FAKY, and Maria Kaneya from GENIC. “Chikichikibanban” by.

The original song is “Bulikiraly” (2014) by Hungarian artist JOLLY. When JOLLY made his debut in Japan in August 2020, the Hungarian lyrics were kept as they were from Avex Trax under the title of “Chiki Chiki Bang Bang.” It was released.

The “Paripi Komei” version by QUEENDOM replaces the original song’s lyrics with Japanese. In covering, the Hungarian chorus part is replaced with “a complete society that becomes higher as a fool” in Japanese. It has also been done.

Hungarian ambassador to Japan, Norbert Palanovics, tweeted the news that the cover song was adopted for “Ya Boy Kongming!” collected. Avex pictures were released on official YouTube in April. While sharing the opening video of the anime played over 6.6 million times, “This is the OP theme” #Chiki Chiki Bang Bang “of” #Paripi Komei. “Please listen to the phrases that you can’t do! “

JOLLY’s “Chikichikibanban” will be released on May 10, 2010, as a PARTY REMIX version with faster BPM. The video “JOLLY” combines the lyrics of QUEENDOM with this PARTY REMIX version OP “Chikichiki” I put the lyrics of QUEENDOM on the original song of “Bang Bang” (comparison with empty ears) “was posted on avex’s YouTube channel on the same day.

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